Wholesaling Houses Your make Money Now Plan!

If you are serious about making yourself wealthy as a real estate investor you have to get started.

We have put the information together for you… now… place your order and start learning what to do. Then the most important part is to just get out there and do a deal. I know it’s hard and scary, but I promise it gets easier after each deal. Other people are getting wealthy…why aren’t you? …just get started… You deserve to be wealthy and no one else but you can do it.

You can start wholesaling with just $10 

  • Wholesaling Houses Audio Training Course

    James E. Glasgow walks you through the process of being a wholesaler. Learn how to find deals, negotiate the price, what to offer, how to sell the property, all that paperwork, what happens at closing. Learn what the pros do and how much to add as your fee.

All Those Questions Answered

  • What Is Wholesaling?
  • How do you find motivated sellers?
  • How much to offer?
  • What do I do when the phone rings?
  • What is the flip formula?
  • Why is the flip formula the key?
  • How do I assign the deal?
  • What happens at the closing?
  • What is the option period?
  • Can I really tie up the deal for $10?
  • What is pre-habbing?
  • How does pre-habbing make me more money?
  • What is the typical wholesale fee?
  • I don’t have any money now what?
  • How much time do I need?
  • Building a buyers list?
  • My Landlord List?
  • What is hard money?
  • Can I make big money?

PDF Down Loads For Wholesaling Houses & Marketing For Motivated Sellers  

  • Wholesaling white paper
  • Assignment form short
  • Assignment form long.
  • Marketing Letter copies and examples
  • Phone scripts for when the phone rings
  • Low cost marketing ideas list
  • Marketing plan, planing form
  • Sample elevator speech
  • Yellow letter sample
  • Email copies for Marketing
  • Classified ads examples
  • And More

 About Your Instructor
James. E. Glasgow

  • 32 Years as a Real Estate Investor
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made real estate millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Author of Real Estate & business books 
  • Realtor state of Texas  Lic.#644440
  • Active Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate mentor and teacher.
  • Radio show host
  • Public Speaker 

Immediate Down Loads

This Course is Part of The Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Series.

Wholesaling is the way many investors get started investing in real estate because it takes very little cash and no credit. We have students who have made as little as $1,000 as a wholesale fee and as much as $38,000 on one deal. I've met people who say they have made upto $100,000 on one deal.

Typically in a wholesaling deal you find a house at a great price and put it under Contract, you than find a flipper or landlord to buy the property from you, and “assign” the deal to them. You act as the middle person. A contract to purchase property also gives you the right to sell that property.

Learn how to buy houses at bargain prices and then re-sell them to flippers and landlords for fast cash now!

James E. Glasgow has been a real estate investor for more than 34 years. He has put this vast experience into these courses of study so that you do not have to learn the hard way. Each course is designed to help you put the relevant real estate investing technique to work to make yourself richer. What you will learn is from actual real estate investors working in today’s market. Time and market placed tested by real investors investing with their own money. It’s not theory, it can and is being done. If affordable training based on real life situations is what you have been looking for your search has ended.

Adv & Mkt for sellers-page-001

  • Advertising & Marketing Audio Training Course

    Marketing for Deals from motivated sellers is your audio training course that goes hand in hand with Wholesaling Houses. Learn low cost and no cost ways of locate motivated sellers to sell you the houses at bargain prices, then find the buyers for your deals. This training course and the PDF samples of actual marketing materials will save you time and money because you won’t have to re-create the wheel all over again. Use the same marketing tactics our pros use then see what works in your market without starting from scratch.

  • When you place your order you are added to Our Special Student List

    As one of our students you will get special offers for future training materials, and seminars. You will get our monthly newsletter. You will be first to know when a we offer pod cast, video, DVD or other new information or training is available. You may be asked to beta test new information. You will be invited to share your stores and successes as well as post testimonials. You get notices when a vendor has a special offer for our students. You become part of our Real Estate Investor community. We know from experience that the people who stay engaged in the real estate investing community are more likely to do deals and get richer. We invite you to send in suggestions and even articles for possible inclusion on our Blogs.

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  • Chris
    I attended Mr. Glasgow's Million Dollar Investor Training in August 2016 and received a tremendous amount of useful information for the amount paid, thus the seminar was a great value. The presentation was concise, yet plentiful. People were accessible and continue to be available for questions. I would recommend attending for anyone, of any experience, from beginner to seasoned investor.
  • Alicia
    The educational materials for The Million Dollar Real Estate Business Plan Training courses is sensational! I can’t say enough about the wealth of information I have received by taking this training. If you are looking for information on “HOW TO BEGIN IN REAL ESTATE INVESTING” or “IF YOU A SEASONED INVESTOR”. The Million Dollar Real Estate Business Plan Training courses will teach you multiple strategies and give you the tools to structure ANY deal. I have been to MANY investor real estate training workshops and this has been my BEST investment in both time and money. The education that you will received from Mr. Jim Glasgow is Excellent! He is a no nonsense seasoned Real Estate Investor who is willing to share his knowledge and experiences with his students. If you are serious about becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. I would NOT hesitate to take his training workshop.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I get a CD for each course?

A: NO, Only in the complete 21 course set.

Q; Can I get a USB version of my course?

A: Yes you can email us a request along with your mailing address and order number and we will send you the USB.

Q: Does each order Come with Jim’s book How I Made Millions in Real estate and How You Can Too!?

A: Yes, the PDF version is available for down load, a signed paperback copy is available for $14.95  

Q: Will this work anywhere?

A: Yes, each area of the country is different so the prices may vary but deals are available everywhere and so is the demand.

Q: Why should I attended a 3-Day Seminar

A: Our most successful students have attended Our Seminar. The 3 days are fact filled, they cover and reinforce the complete Million Dollar Real Estate Training Seminar. They help you better understand how the 3 different million dollar business plans can go together to help you get richer faster. We have found that the 21- Audio Training CD courses, and the 3 day Live Seminar along with our popular Investors Play Book are the best combination to help you be successful. For this reason we allow you to repeat the seminar one time for free. We also know that if you stay engaged in the real estate community you will do better. For this reason we encourager you to join your local area REIA, read our monthly newsletter, and look for meet ups that pertain to real estate. 


Q: Can I get the related power point slide files for my courses?

A: Yes, they are $29.95 you will get the ones for whatever courses you ordered.


Q; How do I get the Power point files?

A: Please make the request by email and we will contact you for payment then email you the files or send you a USB file your choice.


Q; Can I order just the play book?

A: Yes, the Play book binder with USB files is $299.00 it will be shipped by US Mail Please order by sending an email.


Q: Why is the Towards Wealth training courses better than other available training?

A: The Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plan Training materials have been created from real life examples, based on actual deals. By experience real estate investors over many years. All materials are up dated for today’s market place. We have the heart of a teacher and believe in what we do. Our materials may not be as polished as some of the other training available but we know it works from the success of our students.