Tax Considerations Of Fund Investing

We have had many questions on Tax considerations of investing in Real Estate Funds. Here are some PDF copies of tax discussions in hopes they help as you consider your investment decisions.

We are not attorneys or CPAs and present this as a general discussion of the subject of taxes considerations. Always consult with your CPA and read the investments disclosure documents for tax considerations of the investment you are considering.
Investor Tax Considerations
Real Estate Fund Investors Tax Report
Real estate Fund Tax Section Excerpts
If your Organization is a Tax Exempt Entity we can work with you to create an investment structure or limited partnership that meets your needs. As we plan on developing ten or more Mobile Home Parks over the next 5 to 7 years, doing a specific partnership should be doable. The equity investment required would start at $2,000,000 and go up based on size of park constructed.
Estimated Development Cost Projections: Equity investment needs based on Park Size, assumes 5-Star Quality Facility. Complete chart with estimated returns available on request. 

Park Size
Rent-able spaces
Acres Estimated Cost
to Develop
Equity Investment Required 40% *
150 20-30 $5,000,000 $2,000,000
200 25-35 $6,600,000 $2,640,000
250 32-45 $8,250,000 3,300,000
300 40-50 $9,900,000 $3,900,000
400 50-60 $13,000,000 $5,200,000
500 62-75 $16,000,000 $6,400,000

*Includes negative cash flow to lease up.