Why is this Seminar for Beginning Investors?

We will dispel all the myths and reasons you can think of that stops you from getting rich! You will leave this seminar knowing how to do a business plans to make yourself rich as a real estate investor.
It is our goal during this 3-Day Seminar to have answered your questions and inspired you to join all the other real estate wealth builders who have already paved the way for you, so that you will get out there and make yourself wealthy too. People just like you are making them self wealth everyday. You can too! Do it because you deserve it, because your family deserves the advantages wealth brings. 


Long time real estate investor James Edward Glasgow explains step by step how anyone can achieve a high level of success and economic security without taking unnecessary risk to assure themselves of life-long financial security.
He tackles the core reason why many people dream of being rich but never follow through – learn to face the fear of investing, learn how to put risk into perspective to overcome that fear.
You are going to learn how to start with no money and how to find the money to invest and how to use other people’s money. If you have money you will learn how to make the money do double time and earn more.
You are going to learn that you do-not need to know everything about investing in real estate to get started, you will learn how to find out what you need to know, when you need to know it.
rent-gameYou will come out of this seminar with a good overview of what’s involved in the various real estate investing strategies and how to reach out to the people who will help you get the deal done with the least risk.
You are going to get the tools you need to evaluate a property, analyze a deal, the forms you will need. The math formulas and contacts, as well as a helpful web site list that will make being an investor easier. You won’t need to recreate the wheel from scratch, we will show you where to find out what you need.
We will show you how to find the deals, provide the sample marketing materials and help you interact with your fellow investors to buy and sell properties and make money.
Glasgow details each step he took when he was starting out investing in real estate and discusses how to find the right property (including how to figure out what exactly constitutes the right property and what to look for) and how to identify and secure solid financing, including some low-risk sources most never consider.
large seminarGlasgow shares precious investing secrets, tips, and ideas, and reveals where profits can be found in real estate, what property improvements pay off, particularly in residential rental properties, and which ones are a waste of time and money. Pointers on issues such as how to avoid tenant problems and reduce risk to secure a comfortable retirement are also provided.
Glasgow explains how to word and negotiate a Contract and how a buyer should perform due diligence, how and when to profit by making one’s own repairs and improvements (sweat equity) and when it’s best to obtain professional help. He even discusses how to organize the necessary record-keeping to keep accounts clean and easy to manage.
What we hope to do is take the scary out and break this down into bite size bits so that you leave with a plan to get started and get rich.

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