Real Estate Investors 2019 Seminar/Boot Camp Agenda

The Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plan Seminar

Learn How to Make Yourself Wealthy!

 You missed our 2018 Training Seminar!…Next one is Spring 2019.

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Seminar Coming Spring 2019
on a Fri. Sat. Sun. in
San Antonio, Texas

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2019 Seminar Agenda 

Location to be annouced
San Antonio, TX 78216

Registration: 8:00 AM (coffee & pastries will be served)
Start time: 9:00 AM
Lunch: 12:00 until 1:30 (you are on your own for lunch)
End Day: between 5:30 and  6:00 PM
Quest Speakers: Will be scheduled in the afternoon each day.


Day 1:  Business Plan Overview, Wholesaling and Marketing

  • Overview of the three Real Estate million $ investing business plans that will make you rich. Flipping and wholesaling, Buy and Hold, and Owner financing.
  • Setting up your company and keeping it simple
  • Finding the money to invest.
  • Getting started as a real estate investor with little money …plus low cost real estate investing techniques.
  • Marketing to find motivated sellers …plus why you need to keep control of this vital part of your real estate investing business.
  • How to handle the calls when they come in from your marketing efforts … plus converting leads into deals. Using scripts to help convert leads to deal.
  • Wholesaling, buyers list, contracts, offers, assignments, scripts, getting it sold.
  • Guest speaker on hiring and managing contractors.
  • Here Is A list of The First 200 Questions Jim Answers at The Seminar!

Day 2:  Flipping Houses, Land Lording, Raising Money From Private Lenders, Making Money With Mobile Homes, The Pretty House Business, The Cheap House Business.

  • Flipping houses, flippers math formula, estimating, making offers, repairs, and much more.
  • Property inspection forms, estimating, repair cost guides,
  • Land lording, how landlords get rich, landlord math, what house to buy, and much more
  • Learn how to structure creative offers so you can buy houses without any of your own cash.
  • Raising money from private lenders, your credibility package, your opportunity presentation and much more.
  • Making money with mobile homes, shelter value, homes with land, without land, and much more.
  • Buying Subject to, due on sale, POA, and much more.
  • The pretty house business, the cheap house business.
  • Guest speaker best landlord management practices.

Day 3:  Borrowing From Banks, Record Keeping, Dodd Frank & Other Regs., Helpful Web Sites, Syndication, Secrets the Pros Know, Everything Else. 

  • Borrowing from banks and non-bank lenders
  • Dodd Frank, fair housing and other regulations
  • Helpful web sites
  • Syndication and other money raising techniques, free E-book
  • Out sourcing
  • Insurance, inspections, appraisals.
  • Secrets the pros know
  • Real estate investor strategies by property type. What type of
    real estate investor do you want to be?
  • Highest and best use conversions
  • Guest speaker financing and refinancing your properties.

Bonuses worth $1,319: Free For All Paid Attendees

  • Autographed copy of Jim’s book “How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too! a $30 value
  • “Real Estate Syndication” by James E. Glasgow. An E- Book. Jim’s book on raising money via limited partnership: A $99 value.
  • The training course includes “Raising Private Money” if sold separately a $495 valued.
  • The training course includes  “Making Money with Mobile Homes” if sold separately a $495 valued.
  • Access to the Student section of our web site where you can down load the PDF versions of the content in out popular Real Estate Investors Play Book.

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Than don’t miss this information packed 3-Day Training Seminar.


Here Is A list of The First 200 Questions Jim Answers at The Seminar!