• The Informtion You Need To Get Wealthy in Real Estate

    With Jim Glasgow’s Million Dollar Real Estate Investor Business Plan training, You will be out working on getting rich in no time. We cover Real Estate investing strategies, from getting started, to getting rich, with tips from the pros’, and other real estate investing ideas, ideas you never would have thought of, plus the investing forms that you will need. A complete real estate training course, all at a price that won’t break your budget!

  • The Best Real Estate Investing Strategies to Become Welathy

    Any one of the multiple Real Estate investing strategies that you will learn about could make you rich. Join these strategies together and you will be able to get richer, faster. We don’t teach you just one method, but rather multiple ways for you to make money no matter what the seller’s situation is. We want you to be able to take advantage of more opportunities as they come up. Making money is a matter of knowing what to do, and when to do it,

  • The Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Business Plan

    Really Two (2) Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plans and a Make Money now plan. A million dollar Landlord business plan, A million dollar Seller Finance (you as banker) business plan. And a flip, wholesale, make money now plan. These three plans can change your life, make you rich.

  • The nice thing about Real Estate investing is that you can make yourself RICH!

    Real Estate investing is local, your street, your city, all the barriers to getting rich are lower and much more controllable with real estate investing because you, your knowledge, your desire and your willingness to work towards being rich are all that you need. All of the reasons you can think of that stop you from getting rich, we will dispel throughout your training. If you will bring your desire, and your steadfast determination to become rich, that willingness to never give up, a willingness to invest your money, and time in you, and your success, then our training will help get you there.

  • Get a Complete Real Estate Investing Course!

    A course that covers all of the most profitable and successful real estate investing techniques. We cover all of real estate investing strategies, marketing for motivated sellers, financing, investing with little to no money, using OPM, land lording, wholesaling, flipping, and many more topics all with you making money in mind

  • More Than 15 Hours of Audio Courses, 21 CD's.

    Each information packed course is full of money making ideas and suggestions. You can get a down loadable format and a CD or USB drive format, so you can listen and learn in your car, at your office, or on you other devices. All from an investor who has been doing this for more than 3 decades and is out there making Real Estate investments every month.

  • And it Doesn’t Stop There.

    When you purchase Jim's 21 CD Audio course or attend a three day training seminars you become one of our VIP members with access to our newsletter, you can repeat any of our seminars at no charge for 2 years (some restrictions apply), you get special offers from our sponsors, discounts on training materials and you get updates to your Investors play book and other training materials as they become available. This future bonus material and information will help keep you up to date and add money making ideas to your investor’s tool chest.

  • James E. Glasgow's Audio C-D Training Course The Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plan

    15 Plus hours of Training C-Ds ....You get a complete residential real estate investing course. Everything taught at James E. Glasgow's 3 day Seminars and then some. An audio real estate investor’s course for you to learn from at your own pace, to review whenever you like. Subject after subject…even information Jim does not get to during the Seminars. Real estate strategy after real estate strategy, available when you need the information. When you run across that mobile home deal…review that course material…found an assumption deal?…review that C-D to bring your knowledge up to the task at hand. A Real Estate University level course of material at your fingertips and best of all …When you invest in Jim’s full 21 CD training course it comes with a FREE certificate for a ticket to attend any one of the 3-Day Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plan Seminars. Wow… Order Your Copy Today!

  • Course List I

    1. Introduction to Real Estate Investing…. 2. Advertising & Marketing .... 3. Wholesaling…. 4. Low Cost Real Estate Investing .... 5. Getting Started…. 6. Landlord Plan…. 7. Flipping Houses, for Cash Now…. 8. Get Rich with Owner Finance…. 9. Mobile Home Investing…. 10. Buy N’ Hold Math

  • Course list II

    11. Types of Real Estate Investors…. 12. Land Trust, Asset Protection…. 13. Finding Private Money, using OPM…. 14. Financing the Home Buyer…. 15. Finding The Money To Invest…. 16. Converting Leads In to Deal…. 17. Buying Subject Too…. 18. Dodd-Frank, & Other Regs…. 19. Cheap Houses For High Profit…. 20. Pretty Houses For Retirement…. 21. Running Your Business.

  • Order Now Bonus... The Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Play Book

    For a Limited Time with your Real Estate Investors Training Purchase you get the real estate investors Play Book a ring binder full of forms, scripts, agreements, marketing examples and sample letters, contractor forms, assignment forms, credibility examples, flip formulas, landlord formulas, mobile home math formulas, hints, helpful web sites list, and so much more. You get a USB with the all of this same information in word and PDF formats, for use on your computer. This play book sold separately is $495.00 Our students love this book.

  • Play Book Tabs I

    Marketing.... Wholesaling.... Flipping.... Buying.... Selling.... Subject To.... Miscellaneous.... Helpful Websites

  • Play Book Tabs II

    Land Lording.... Mobile Homes.... Phone Scripts.... Land Trust.... Deal Analysis.... Business Plan.... Finding Money.... Owner Finance

  • Our Up-Dated Audio Training Courses Is Ready NOW!

    Along with your purchase of Jim’s training course you will also get a FREE ticket (a 595 Value) to any of our 3-Day Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Seminars. The next one will be in San Antonio, Texas March 11th, 12th, 13th, 2017...... Dallas, Texas April 21st, 22rd, 23rd, 2017 and Houston, Texas Sept 14th, 16th, 17th, 2017. You will also get a discount coupon so that you can bring your spouse or business partner for a huge savings.

You Can Make Yourself Wealthy

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You can make yourself RICH!  This is the Real Estate investors training I wish I had 32 years ago when I started out. It took years to learn what you get in this complete Investors course. It’s not what you know but rather what you don’t know that cost you money. Here you learn everything you need to jump start your investing and make more money then you thought possible. Invest in yourself…avoid the costly mistakes…make more …sooner.

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  • Terri
    I have been to most of the Real Estate Investment groups and seen their seminars and Jim's seminar was undoubtedly the best for me. There was so much information given to me as well as CD's and a play book filled with information and re caps. Jim's bi weekly Wednesday night meetings are absolutely free and you can get one on one time with him as well as Lisa.

Are you ready to become wealthy?

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Real Estate investing is the one place where You Can Make Yourself Wealthy,  improve your standard of living. There is money available, everyone uses real estate, it is everywhere, in all price ranges, the playing field is level, no one will ask about your education, your age, your ethnicity, no one cares about your looks, or any of the other preconceived notions that holds people back. They just want to know if you can do a deal? That is all that matters when it comes to doing real estate deals.
If you have the capacity to learn, the will to get wealthy, the desire and steadfastness to stay at it. Then you can become wealthier, maybe even rich. This training will put the tools in your tool box to enable you to do just that! Do you have the tenacity to over come whatever stops you, whatever holds you back and prevents you from achieving your goals? Then lets get started ...you can become wealth...all you have to do is get start and stay with it. Order your real estate wealth building course today! Start down your road Towards Wealth. Order your Real Estate Million Dollar Investment Plan training now.

A super value! Most real estate wealth building training is priced in a manner that makes it very costly. Jim has packaged what he would have wanted when he started out. He has include all the investment strategies and now how to do them. Everything to get you up and running and making money. Your investment is a third of what comparable courses cost. Plus Jim covers investment areas most Real Estate instructors do not cover.


Jim has taken his 32 + year of real estate investing, added what his students are doing, listened to what Seminar Attendees have asked for and priced it all at a very affordable rate. We want you to be successful so the Seminar ticket certificates do not expire, you can repeat your 3-day Seminar one time at no ticket cost.

We even give you access to the VIP Student section of our web sites for updates and additional information for 2 years at no cost.


When you invest in homes you are recycling houses, you are helping someone out of a house they no longer want solving their problem, you are creating jobs, adding to the tax base, improving the neighborhood, that encourages others to spruce up their property, thus reducing the crime rate, you are helping someone achieve the American dream. All that and you are getting richer too!


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  • Chriss
    I attended Mr. Glasgow's Million Dollar Investor Training Seminar in August 2016 and received a tremendous amount of useful information for the amount paid, thus the seminar was a great value. The presentation was concise, yet plentiful. People were accessible and continue to be available for questions. I would recommend attending for anyone, of any experience, from beginner to seasoned investor.
  • Patrick
    Jim's course is by far the best program for the price, offered by anyone in the San Antonio area. You get a binder, CD's, a 3 day seminar and ongoing meetings every 2 weeks.
  • Alicia
    The educational materials for the MILLION DOLLAR WEALTH SYSTEM IS OUTSTANDING! I can’t say enough about the wealth of information I have received by taking this weekend training. If you are looking for information on “HOW TO BEGIN IN REAL ESTATE INVESTING” or “IF YOU A SEASONED INVESTOR”. The Million Dollar Business Plan System will teach you multiple strategies and give you the tools to structure ANY deal. I have been to MANY investor real estate training workshops and this workshop by far has been my BEST investment in both time and money. The education that you will received from Mr. Jim Glasgow is Excellent! He is a no nonsense seasoned Real Estate Investor who is willing to share his knowledge and experiences with his students. If you are serious about becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. I would NOT hesitate to take his training workshop. I am so grateful to Jim and Lisa for taking the time to share their Real Estate Strategies and experiences. Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Biz Plan Wealth Student ~Alicia

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