The Real Estate Investor Complete Training Course

Jim Glasgow’s Complete Real Estate Investors Training Course more than 15 hrs of  training on 21-audio C-Ds.

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Limited time pricing on Jim’s Popular CD Audio Course so more people can afford to get started on their road Towards Wealthy.

Jim’s  Audio C-D Real Estate Investors Training Course is This Month Only  $495 (regular $1,995)

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Want to learn about the up coming 2019 Real Estate Investors Training Seminar, and get Jim’s 21-Audio CD course, and get the Form & Scripts Investors Play-Book And get 2-Seminar Tickets Too? All at a great price! Read on!

Jump-start your success!​

Learn To Play Monopoly With Real Money

With Jim Glasgow’s Real Estate Investor Training Courses  you will be out working on getting rich in no time. We cover Real Estate investing strategies, from getting started, to getting rich, with tips from the pros’, and other real estate investing ideas, ideas you never would have thought of, plus the investing forms that you will need.  A complete real estate training course, all at a price that won’t break your budget! All designed to help you get richer faster.

The nice thing about Real Estate investing is,
you can make yourself Wealthy!46636151

Real Estate investing is local, your street, your city. All the barriers to getting wealthy are lower and much more controllable with real estate investing, because you, your knowledge, your desire and your willingness to work towards being rich are all that you need. All of the reasons you can think of that stop you from getting rich, we will dispel throughout your training. If you will bring your desire, and your steadfast determination to become rich, that willingness to never give up, a willingness to invest your money, and your time in you, for your success, then our training will help get you there.

Get a Complete Real Estate Investing Course!

A course that covers all of the profitable and successful real estate investing techniques. We cover all of the real estate investing strategies, plus marketing for motivated sellers, financing, investing with little to no money, using OPM, land lording, wholesaling, flipping, and many more topics all with you making money in mind.  Course Content.

More Than 15 Hours of Real Estate Audio Courses, 21 CD’s.

CD 1Each information packed C-D is full of money making ideas and suggestions. You get the CD’s and a USB drive format, so you can listen and learn in your car, at your office, or on you other devices.

Included is information, motivation and inspiration, plus that all important getting started plan. We don’t stop there…when you order the course you will get free extras, including a certificate to attend one of our 3-day training  seminars at no-charge.  Plus get the needed forms, scripts, hints and investor secrets all included in the investors Play Book. And you get Jim’s monthly newsletter. All from an investor who has been doing this for more than 3 decades and is out there making Real Estate investments every month.

21 CD’s (more than 15 hrs). of Real Estate Audio Training
Give Yourself Permission To Be Rich!

CD amazonThese three plans can change your life, help make you Wealthy.

This is Really 2-Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plans and a Make Money Now Plan too.


  1. A million dollar Landlord Business plan
  2. A million dollar Seller Finance (you as banker) business plan
  3. A Flip, wholesale, make money now plan.

Any one of the multiple Real Estate investing strategies that you will learn about could make you wealthy. But join these strategies together and you will be able to get richer, faster. We don’t teach you just one method, but rather multiple ways for you to make money no matter what the seller’s situation is. We want you to be able to take advantage of more opportunities as they come up. Making money is a matter of knowing what to do, and when to do it.

  Audio Training Courses are Ready NOW!

IMG_5962Along with your purchase of Jim’s training course you will also get a 1/2 price ticket  to any of our 3 day training seminars. The next one will be in San Antonio, Texas  Spring 2019.

And it Doesn’t Stop There.

When you purchase Jim’s 21 CD Audio course or attend one of Jim’s 3-Day Training Seminars you become a VIP member of this web site with access to updates and downloads, you get our newsletter, you get a VIP ticket to repeat any of our seminars at no entry ticket charge for 2 years (some restrictions apply), you get special offers from our sponsors, discounts on training materials and you get updates to your Investors play book and other training materials as they become available. This future bonus material and information will help keep you up to date and add money making ideas to your investor’s tool chest.
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Order Bonuses: You will get 3 of Jim’s books with your order 

  1. How I made Millions In Real Estate and How You Can Too!
  2. Build Your Own Back Yard Building w/plans (E-Book)
  3. Real Estate Syndications (E-Book)

Your Investors

amazon play bookThe Investors Play-book Our 2” ring binder full of forms, analysis sheets, phone scripts and lots of hints and ideas as well as other helpful information that will save you time and money. It will give you additional ideas to help you get wealthy. We also include a list of helpful web sites that will provide you with information and assistance with marketing, fro motivated sellers, with selling your properties, with finding out who owns that property, and other information that you will need (value in time saving? priceless).

Packed with all the most needed information, forms, contracts, scripts, marketing ideas,  helpful web sites, hints suggestions, Analysis forms, 


Order Today

All 21 C-D’s or get the USB Format Plus the Investors Play Book ring binder of forms, scripts, hints, copies of contracts, training material, and so much more.

About Your Instructor:

FullSizeRenderJames E. Glasgow Sr.
Real Estate Book Author, radio show host, real estate investor and instructor.  Self-made real estate millionaire and businessman. He is a public speaker on real estate investing, and a respected advisor to many in the industry.

  • 32 Years as a real estate Investor400 p
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Real Estate book Author
  • Realtor state of Texas
  • Active real estate Investor / Teacher


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