Real Estate Investor Wealth Training

 You missed our 2018 Training Seminar!…There are no seminars planned at this time.

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I lowered the cost of Audio Training Courses!

Regularly $1,995 Audio C-D Course is now only  $695

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Jim E. Glasgow has taken his 34 years of real estate investing experience, and created what his students say is the best and most affordable real estate investors training that they have found.
Get your CD’s now and start learning, then attend the 2019 Seminar to reinforce your training and get started, use the play book for forms, investing information, sample contracts, deal analysis forms, and phone scripts. All this is provided so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel, saving you time and money. After the seminar, refer to the CD’s to reinforce your training and to stay motivated. This is the most effective training method.

Jim Will Show You How To
Become a 
Real Estate Millionaire

How I made millions 3DAuthor of How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too! and other real estate books.

Mr. Glasgow made over $3,000,000 working part time investing in real estate while running other businesses. Since 2010 he has been a full time investor and instructor.
You get all of the real estate wealth strategies. Learn How to Get Wealthy as a Real Estate Investor. Learn about Flipping houses, Wholesaling houses, Foreclosures, The Cheap House Business, The Pretty House Business, Learn Mobile Home Investing, Learn Marketing, Get Phone Scripts, forms and all that paperwork you will need. Learn how to find Private Money and other OPM ideas, Jim will reveal The Secrets The Pros Know, You will learn how to get wealthy as a Landlord, and how to protect yourself with Land Trust. Learn Deal Analysis and Estimating Repairs. Learn about finding the Money and get a list of helpful web sites. Learn how to Be The Bank and make more money on a deal then you thought possible. Learn how to buy property with no money down, and how to be a landlord and not own any real estate.

We do not know of any other training that is this complete, that covers every investment strategy, including how to raise money.


Jim will show you at least 3 ways to achieve a Million Dollar lifestyle.


Use these investment techniques  to
Make Yourself Wealthy!

Put Jim’s vast inexperience in real estate investing to work for you. Learn all the technique and strategies that Jim used to get rich and still uses everyday to make himself even richer investing in real estate. You can put these same techniques to work and get wealthy too!

Do this because you deserve it!
Jim’s Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Business Plan audio training course is offered on CD’s and in a USB format. Our Real Estate Investors Play-Book is very popular with our students and it comes with a USB copy for use on your computer. The links on the left on this page will direct you to all the training course offerings. You can invest in one or two courses that interest you or order the full 21 course CD package.
DSC_5212 bal done-v2-4xMy name is James E. Glasgow I designed all the course materials, seminars, mentoring programs and student support based on what I would have wanted when I got started as an investor. Our training materials and courses are updated based on what we learn investing in todays economic environment and what we have learned in working with our real estate investor students. All to give you the best chance possible to be a successful investor.

Invest in your self because you deserve it!

We hope that you decide to become one of our students and that you join the ranks of the millionaire real estate investors.

If you have been looking for affordable real estate investing training, from experienced real estate investors who practice what they preach, techniques that actually work and are being used today, you have found it. There is not a more complete training course.
We want you to have the best opportunity to be successful, we want you to become wealthy! and that is why we teach all of the real estate investing strategies. We know that this program works, we know that this method works. 

Follow the links on the left of this page for more training information.

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