Passive Real Estate Investing

Passive Real Estate Investing
Passive real estate investing can be best described as letting your money do the work for you.
IRS Defines Passive: Rentals and businesses without material participation. A limited partner is passive due to more restrictive tests for material participation. Thus, limited partners will have passive income or losses from the partnership.
Passive Real Estate Investing Opportunities
We offer several passive investing opportunities secured by real estate. The links at the left on this page will take you to information on these opportunities.

  • Trust deed loans secured by 1st liens on real estate (Private Lending) .
  • A Loan Pool (accredited investors only) (the pool holds the private liens).
  • Direct Partnerships (non-accredited investors allowed)
  • Limited Partnerships (accredited investors only).
  • We have 1st lien real estate notes that you can purchase

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