A New Mobile Home Park Investment Opportunity

An All Ages Mobile Home Park Development Project

Be part of a New Mobile Home Park development in the high growth IH-35, Central Texas Corridor. The high growth of this central Texas area has created huge demand for more affordable housing choices. 
When we take bare land and turn it into a community where the home owners rent the lots for their homes we create a steady monthly cash flow. That cash flow is how real estate developments create wealth, wealth you can be a part of. The goal of this investment is to double the investor equity investment in 5 years.

Preferred returns plus a percentage of the profits could mean returns of 20% plus!

A rare opportunity to invest in a new Mobile Home Park development.

This is an Opportunity Zone Project

The Project is a new development of a Class “A” 5-Star  Mobile Home Park (MHP) in the IH-35 Central Texas Corridor. The Mobile Home Park will consist of 300 spaces.
Accredited Investors Only: This opportunity is limited to accredited investors In keeping with the SEC and State Securities regulations. (Regulations D 506-C Offering)

Quick Facts

  • Average investment $100,000-$300,000

  • Project Time Line 5-10 years

More Quick Facts 

  1. We anticipate investors will double their money in 5 years.
  2. Investors get preferred rate of return of 8% plus up to 50% of the free cash.
  3. We are raising $3,000,000 Minimum equity and using bank loans for the balance.
  4. It might take 36 months to reach break even.
  5. When leased and at full rent rates, the project will have income of $2,196,000 per year.
  6. When leased up, project annual profits is estimated at $1,400,000
  7. Annual Free Cash Flow is estimated at $900,000.
  8. If the project was sold at end of year 5 at the projected 8% cap rate, the investors return on the sale would be 50%-100% of amount invested plus their cash flow returns during the holding period. 

Project development will be in stages.

Development Stage 1: will be 100 spaces and include the park’s basic infrastructure, office space, entryway, signs, and the residence common area amenities.

Stages 2 and 3: will contain 100 spaces each, to be constructed when the park nears lease up of the earlier phases.

Time Line: Based on  a similar Mobile Home Park that expanded recently that added 278 spaces, having leased them all in less than 36 months. We estimate a total project time line of 24-40 months. The time line from start of construction to sale of the project is at 5-7 years

  • Locate property, design, start construction 6 months from funding approvals.
  • Construction 90 to 120 days phase-1, Phase-2 & Phase-3 will take 3-4 months each.
  • Lease up 6-9 months for Phase-1, total project 24-40 months.

Projected Lot Rents: Using information from similar parks in the area. Lot rents ranged from $375 a month to $550 a month. The high end of the scale was for a mobile home rental pad site for a single or double wide home, with an 8’ X 8’ storage shed, two or three parking spaces, in a well-maintained park with amenities.


The following projections are for a minimum park size of 300-spaces, (park sizes of 300+ spaces are more profitable). Depending n the availability of funds the mobile home park could be expand to 400 spaces. See offering materials for complete details.
Projected time Frame: The project will take from 30 months to 48 months to complete and lease up. Lease up rate is estimated at 100 spaces per year.
Projected Profit: The estimated park income when leased up will be $1,516,000 per year, net income will be $1,008,000. At the end of year five the projected revenue is estimated at $2,000,000 and net cash flow of $1,302,000
Projected Cost: The Park will cost $9,500,000 to develop (1300 spaces), of which 60-70% will be financed. Including carrying cost to lease up.
Projected Completed Project Valuation: The Park’s value when complete and leased up will be.

  • $16,430,000 at a 6.5% cap rate at lease up.
  • $12,850,000 at an 8% cap rate at lease up.

Value After Rent Increases are in place (year 5-6).

  • $20,800,000 at 6.5% Cap Rate.
  • $16,000,000 at a 8% Cap Rate

Projected Returns: The Mobile Home Park’s returns to investors on a cash flow bases, when the property is leased up should be 12%-16.9% per year (cash on cash).

Interior Silvercrest homes

The Mobile Home Park’s total returns (annualized) when the Park is fully leased, and then sold, based on a 10 year projected time frame for the investment is estimated at:

  • 15% -33% if sold at an 6.5% cap rate
  • 15% -25% if sold at an 8% cap rate

This is a forward-looking statement: A $100,000 equity investment could conceivably grow over five years to be worth $175,000 to $250,000 (income received and property net value combined). 
Break Even: Break-even should occur at 170 spaces rented and 50-60 homes sold and financed. Break-even as a percentage is at 57% occupancy of the total of 150-160 spaces. An all ages park will lease up faster then a Senior living park. The Senior living park will command a higher sales price. 
Negative cash flow Funds: From inception to break-even at 150 spaces rented, is estimated to occur 24 to 36 months into the project.  (70% of the way through lease up of phase 2) this time to lease up to break-even will require a reserve for negative cash flow.
All figures are estimates, subject to changes as needed.


  • New MHP Development of 300 spaces in 3 phases
  • Total Project Cost – $9,500,000
  • Equity Investment & Operating Reserves: $3,000,000
  • Total Financing: Bank loan needed:  $6,500,000

We would love to have you as an Investor. If You have an interest in participating in this Mobile Home Park investment opportunity please contact me. James Glasgow  jeglasgow@yahoo.com 210-413-7230

A 506(c) publicly advertised offering was undertaken as part of the Form D filing for the mobile home park development offering . This investment is suitable for accredited investors only!

Contact me for PDF copies of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)  Active Regulation 506-C Offering Circulars

  • Letter to Potential Court Street Investors  Letter To Investors – PDF
  • Court Street Partners Executive Summary – PDF (Project over view)
  • Court Street Partners Biz Plan – PDF   (The Projections numbers)
  • PPM, Operating agreement, and Subscription Agreement available.

For document call Jim 210-413-7230 or Submit the form at the bottom of the page will automatically get you the password for opening the document.

Marketing Materials: The information contained in our ads and power points are similar across the individual Park Syndications. 

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