Mobile Home Park Development Seminar

Mobile Home Park Development Seminar/Boot Camp!

Coming Spring 2019

  • Learn Why Developing a New Mobile Home Parks (MHP) Works in Todays Real Estate Investing Environment.
  • Learn The In’s & Outs of MHP Development.

  • Lear About The Financial Rewards of MHP Actual Cost To Develop A Park.

  • Take a Bus Tour to 3-Parks Including a Park Being Developed.

  • Meet the Owners and Staff  and Sales Team
    Get Your Questions Answered.

  • Case Study: Review Of a Park Being Developed

  • Lear About Actual Cost To Develop A Park.


An older park done right, landscaping helps.

Jim Glasgow’s
4-Day Mobile Home Park Development Seminar 

The Great Investment Opportunity of the 1960’s & 70’s, “Mobile Home Parks” is Back!

Coming Spring 2019
San Antonio, Texas

Because there is so much interest from investors and people wanting to learn and meet with me about mobile home park investing and mobile home park development, I am planning this 4- day event. Seating is limited. Don’t miss this NEW once a year event.

Get your questions answered

Financial consideration and return on investment

  • Why MHP?
  • What are the financial rewards?
  • Lot rents
  • Get actual cost of a park being developed
  • What makes a senior living park different from a financial rewards view.


  • Zoning for MHPs

    Aerial view of a REIT’s 5-Star MHP

  • Density and other design considerations
  • Location considerations, population, income, market studies
  • Park Types: all ages parks, senior living park.

MHP Design & Layout

  • Density per acre
  • City ordinances and development codes
  • Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Club houses and amenities
  • Amenities for different types parks
  • Lot size,
  • Single, V’s Double wide homes
  • Case Study: Of a park being developed, challenges and opportunities.

Cost to develop a MHP

  • What size park to build

    Palace Way MHP Preliminary Layout

  • Land cost
  • Zoning cost
  • Cost estimates
  • Utilities
  • Case Study: Review of the numbers of a park being developed

Financing Your park 

  • Raising Equity Money
  • Working with Manufactures to finance your park
  • Bank financing with HUD section 207
  • Crowd Funding
  • Development in stages
  • Negative cash flow
  • Case Study: Of a park being developed

Filling Your Park

  • Financing park owned homes

    An Older Well maintained MHP

  • Home set up, and best practices
  • Working with MH dealers to fill your park
  • Working with Manufactures to fill your Park and finance park owned homes
  • Public relations, Pre-Sales and promotions
  • Advertising and social media
  • Case Study: Of a park being developed

Selling homes to fill your park

  • Sales Office: Staffing, commissions etc.
  • Pricing homes, new homes, used homes.
  • Mobile home chattel financing
  • Rent to own
  • 5-year rental programs
  • Marketing, sales practices, on-site sales promotions.
  • Home packages, skirting, decks, storage, carports, garages etc.
  • Incentive programs for tenet referrals
  • Case Study: Of a park being developed

MHP Syndication

  • Types of business Structures

    Aerial photo of a trailer park in Florida

  • How do I structure a deal as the syndicator
  • The paper work
  • SEC rules, regs, and requirements
  • Exit Strategies
  • Case Study: Of a park being developed

Making Money

  • Rent rates, rent increases
  • Added revue sources
  • Tax considerations
  • Component depreciation

Managing the Park

  • Professional management V’s do it yourself
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Best practices


Back in the 1050’s and 1960’s building a mobile home park was akin to printing money! Built it and they would come!

Very few new Mobile Home Parks (MHP) have been opened in the last 30 years. Existing MHP have been declining at about 2% per year. A whole host of events, occurring over a long time, combined with some mis-perceptions about mobile homes and mobile home parks have caused this decline. These events include government programs that lowered down payment requirements on conventional home financing, and cities discouraging mobile home parks by restricting zoning, a disparity in home finance interest rates that favored conventional houses, plus a whole generation of people who know nothing about mobile homes.

Jim’s 4-Day Mobile Home Park Investing Seminar is just $1,995 

Learn how Mobile Home Park Investing Has Changed!
Profits, Profits, Profits!

Learn How the business of MHP’s has changed over the last twenty years.

  • Learn how Mobile Home Parks (MHP) can make you rich.
  • Learn how the average conventional home sales price being at $226,000 effects mobile home parks.
  • Some 65% of people cannot qualify for a mortgage, why that is important.
  • learn how the aging population helps the mobile home park investment model.
  • Learn how mobile homes as a product and manufactures have improved in the past two decades.
  • Learn how mobile homes have become the alternative to houses even tho existing homes are sold at low interest rates..
  • Learn how to get the money to buy a park..
  • Learn how the rising Apartment rents rates have helped mobile home parks
  • Learn how to get statistics on mobile home parks in your area.

Learn how Mobile Home Park rental rates have changed over the last twenty years:

  • Learn how to evaluate a MHP.
  • Learn about MHP lot rental rates.Park SW2
  • Learn how to skirt a mobile home correctly to save money.
  • Learn how find tenants and fill your park.
  • Learn how to work with mobile home manufacturers to make more money.
  • learn how to finance mobile home buyers and rent them a space too.
  • Learn how to find a MHP deal.
  • Learn how to control the cost of running a park.
  • Learn what not to do and when not to buy a park.
  • Learn the difference between a MHP and an RV park.

But Wait…there’s more.

  • Learn How to syndicate a MHP
  • Learn how to structure a MHP deal so you make money

    two happy young girlfriends talking over white

  • Learn how to use OPM
  • Learn how the SEC effects what you do.
  • Learn how to structure your LLC
  • Learn a way to avoid you deal being a security requiring registration with the government.

And yet there is more!

  • Plus: Get a MHP evaluation checklist a $195 Free
  • Plus:  Get a copy of the Syndication paper work on an actually deal FREE.
  • Plus:  Get copies of Jim’s MHP promotional materials FREE
  • Plus:  Get a 1 hour consultation with Jim when you are ready to start or buy your 1st deal FREE a $300 value


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Presented by Jim E. Glasgow,  he has 35 years of Real Estate investing experience as well as 28 years as owner operator of his own businesses. His Real Estate experience includes residential, commercial, mobile homes, owner finance, remodeling, construction and business management. He has made over $3,300,000 as a part time real estate investor and has been a full time real estate investor and instructor for the past five years.
He is the Author of the book “How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too” as well as other real estate related books. Mr. Glasgow is an in demand speaker on real estate investing topics as well as an instructor.
Put his vast experience in real estate investing to work for you. Learn all the technique and strategies that Jim used to get rich and still uses everyday to make himself even richer investing in real estate. You can use these same techniques to get rich too!
One of the goals is to change the way you think about getting rich, and encourage you to get richer. All the reasons why you can’t buy real estate that keep popping into your head are just road blocks for you to overcome. We hope to provide you with the information, and encouragement to overcome these roadblocks and change your thinking. Changing your thinking is the first step in changing the economic reality in which you live.

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