Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate Meet-Up

Our Multi-Family Real Estate Investors Meet Up will be held the third Wednesday of each month 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm


Real Estate Investors Meet Up 
At:  Salsalito Mexican Restaurant located at
14535 Nacogdoches, San Antonio, 78247

At: Salsalito Mexican Restaurant
14535 Nacogdoches
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Multi-Family & Commercial real estate investors and Private Lenders are invited to this meet and greet. Share ideas, Invest in Syndications,  meet like minded real estate investors and much more.

The Meeting Moderators are

James Glasgow

Sam Maropis and Jim E. Glasgow

Arrive at 6;00 and order food at your own expense, at 6:10 we get started. The moderator starts things off with round table introductions, then maybe a short presentation on a commercial real estate topic, then we will ask if anyone has deals they want to pitch, or wants they want to present. Then we will open the floor for Q & A on commercial real estate matters, after which we adjourn the meeting, leaving time for Meet & Greet. Please remember to pay for your food and take care of the wait staff.

Meet other property investors. From those just starting out to experienced pros. Real Estate investing is a huge market with many facets of opportunity for everyone. The interchange of ideas and opportunities will help us all get richer.


Networking is one of the was to build your contact base, your buyers list, your business team and to meet new friends. You never know where your next deal is coming from and those who net work seem top do better.

Bring plenty of business cards or fliers. You are here to the meet N’ Greet to share information, to gain new contacts and make more money, so pass-um out, pass-um out.

Multi-Family Meeting Dates 2018

Every Third Wednesday of the Month

Jan 17d 2018
Feb 21st 2018
Mar 21st 2018
April 18th 2018
May 16th 2018
June 20th 2018

See you at the Meet ‘ Greet