Using Land Trust For Asset Protecting

Land trustSooner or later the subject of using Land Trust will come up as you do more and more real estate investing. Putting a property into a land trust does not trigger a do-on-sale clause. This could make land trust very useful if you are buying houses subject to the existing mortgages, as you would do when taking over property about to be foreclosed on.  This course walks you through that process.

  • You Get the Towards Wealth Real Estate Investors Land Trust audio training course.

    Towards Wealth Real Estate Investors Land Trust audio training course.

Land trust are used for:

  • Privacy,
  • Protection from judgments,
  • Protection from liens,
  • Avoiding probate,
  •  Avoiding lawsuits,
  •  Ease of control,
  • Dealing with Tenants,
  • No title insurance upon sale,
  • Ease of transferability of property interests,
  • Keeping purchase price secret,
  • Keeping sale price secret,
  •  Ownership changes can be kept private,

Included PDF Down Loads are:

  • Helpful Web Site List
  • Land Trust Benefits white paper

This course is part of the Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Course Series. 

Land Trust are used by the wealthy for a whole list of reasons. Privacy and estate planing are just two. Here are a few the reasons you might want to consider using Land Trust as part of your real estate investing plan.

Privacy. When a property is in a land trust no one knows you own it. There is no public record of the owner of properties held in a land trust. Thus creditors, ex-spouses, tax authorities, lawyers and others are less likely to find out you own the property.

Protection from judgments. Judgments filed against you can be recorded as liens in the county property records against any real estate you own, except those property you have titled in your land trusts.

Protection from liens. Liens filed by the IRS and other government entities do not attach to property that is held in a land trust.

Avoiding probate. No probate. When you pass on you can have your trust property instantly go to whomever you name in your land trust documents.


You put a lot of time and effort into making money, protecting your assets should be part of your planning. Land Trust set up and managed correctly can be used to make assets hard to find, help avoid probate, and reduce tax bills. This course covers what to do and how to do it.

More Land Trust Uses

  • Use when buying foreclosures,
  • Use when buying distressed properties,
  • Limiting liability,
  • Avoiding partition,
  • Easier foreclosure,
  • Avoiding a beneficiary’s personal problems,
  • Real estate brokerage laws need not apply,
  • Use when loaning money,
  • Avoiding loan seasoning problems,
  • Ease of borrowing equity,
  • Complicating deficiency judgments,
  • Property & Tax Benefits pass through
Land Trust Real Estate Investors Training Course