Mortgage Notes

Earn Higher Interest Rate When You Buy a Mortgage Note

If you are interested in earning private lender interest rates on your savings or learning more about our buying notes, please contact us using our Contact Us page or register as a private lender (form below). We would love to have you as one of our investors.
Notes are not securities if you are investing your own money in your name, and thus anyone buying a note or make a private mortgage loan.

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You purchase the Note.

    • 90% to 95% Loan to Value
    • First lien positions
    • Notes interest rates start at 8%
    • 20 or 30-year amortization
    • Owner occupied
    • Landlord owned
    • Notes from $35K to $150K
    • More details below

DSC00503 (2)
In this case, you will be buying the note on a home we sold and carried the mortgage.
These are typical of this type home. Buying a note makes you the owner with all the responsibilities that come with that.

Notes:  These are first lien notes on an owner occupied house or a house owned by a landlord.

  • 90% to 95% loan to value
  • Most are owner occupied
  • Seasoned one year or more
  • Third party servicing
  • Escrowed accounts
  • 20 year and 30 year amortizations
  • No pre-payment penalty on home owner
  • Due-on sale clause
  • Documented underwriting

More Information:

If you have any questions concerning how you can work with us as a Private Lender, or you want to buy notes?… just connect with us through our contact us page or REGISTER with the form below as a private lender for more information. We will get back to you promptly.

Have a note you need to sell?

We have a list of buyers and might be able to assist you with a sale of your notes. Contact us:

Private Lender Programs400

Plan 1: Earn 8% Interest Returns

Trust deed loan secured by a 1st lien Real Estate note.

  • 70% Loan to Value
  • 5 to 10-year term (balloon)
  • 30-year amortization principal and interest or interest only
  • Loan Secured by one of our Rental Properties
  • Loan Secured by one of our Owner Occupied Home
  • Loans can be funded by your IRA

Example of a loan actual made: Round Table House ….San Antonio

front 4 flierSeller Financed house:  We sold this property as a seller financed sale for $112,000. The new buyer received a loan from us for the purchase. We then borrowed $75,000 from a private lender to replenish our funds to buy more homes.  This is a like a managed loan, as we are responsible to you for payment, not the home owner. Any non-payment problems are ours, not yours.

3/2 with 1,300+ square foot home.
Two car garage , remodeled, new appliances,  new kitchen.
Buyers payment estimated t $1,160 a month, includes taxes & Insurance.
Loan to buyer will be about $107,000
Private investor loan: of $74,000 at  8% interest.
Minimum term five years, other terms negotiable.
Interest only loan with five year balloon would be $493 a month. ($74,000 X 8% = $5,920 interest per year) LTV 69.1%
This is our most popular program: loans are made to us, they have an excellent LTV, the loans are secured, and we take care of any problems that come up. This is the same type of a loan a bank would make.
A year later we sold the loan to a note buyer. That action paid back $75,000 loan from the private lender.

Example of a rental house

front view
This gray house is a rental; we remodeled it, added to our rental inventory then took a loan on it to buy another house. We have a loan for $55,000 paying 8% interest, amortized over 20 years with a five-year balloon payment.

Plan 2: Lower Value Homes

Trust deed loan secured by a 1st lien Real Estate notes. These are lower price homes often sold as handy-man specials. These have shorter time frames. Call me to discuss these options.

Trust deed loan secured by a 1st lien Real Estate notes.

  • 70% Loan to Value
  • 2 to 3 years’ interest only (balloon)
  • Or 6-year amortization loan
  • Owner occupied
  • Under $60,000 sales price
  • Loans from Private lender of $40,000 or less
  • Older homes in older neighborhoods

We sell the homes to owner occupants or hold them in our rental inventory. Your loan is to our company and we pay you.
The house pictured here we sold as a handyman special for $59,500, we financed the buyer. The new owner occupant remodeled the house, thus increasing the value of the loan’s collateral.
These loans are popular with professional type people, doctors, dentist, lawyers, and the like. They want to earn higher returns, and cheaper houses in lower valuation neighborhoods do not worry them.