These are testimonials from our private lenders. Gem Rentals LLC and Texas Home Notes LLC
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property-specialist-iconI have been investing with Mr. Glasgow as a private lender for some twenty years now. Over the years I have gotten very satisfactory returns on my investment. Weather it was principal and interest payments on a property note or semi-annual interest only payments the checks always arrived.
Investing as a private lender with Mr. Glasgow’s companies has been profitable and trouble free.
I have witnessed the growth of Mr. Glasgow’s real estate and business experience first hand, he has proven long term sustained success.
Mrs. M
San Antonio
investors-iconI have partnered with Mr. Glasgow on several Real Estate deals over the last five years, he is knowledgeable, a man of his word, and all of the deals has been profitable
Mr. H
icon1We invested with Mr. Glasgow on a Mini Storage project, the project got dropped, we got all our money returned with interest. That kind of integrity today is rare.
Mrs. S
Las Vegas
property-specialist-iconI have been investing with Mr. Glasgow’s companies as a Private Lender for almost five years now. The low rate of interest on my IRA and my savings accounts where not going to allow me to meet my retirement goals with enough money for a comfortable retirement.

Investing as a Private Lender with Gem Rentals LLC has increased my account balances very nicely. The experience and responsiveness of the management team is reassuring. I plan to continue this investment until I reach my retirement goal.
Thank you
Mr. M
money-iconI purchased a home from Gem rentals using their owner finance program. They made the process easy. We will be adding this property to our rental list and plan to have a positive cash flow. It’s been a pleasure doing business with the Gem Rentals team.
Mrs. G

South Texas
They made it to easy setting up my self directed IRA. I should have done this sooner.
San Antonio TX

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