IRA Real Estate Investing

Invest as a private lender with you IRA


Many people are unaware that self-directed IRA funds can be invested in real estate and real estate notes. You don’t have to settle for low bank CD’s rates or the take the risk of stock market investing. Using your IRA funds, through a third-party IRA custodian, you can invest in Real Estate or become a private lender. The Tax advantages of investing in your IRA account can add tens of thousands of dollars to your retirement account over time.
What Are the Benefits of Investing as a private lender on Real Estate With Your IRA?

  • Real Estate first position liens are considered a moderate risk, conservative investment.
  • Real Estate is an asset that you have experience with and that’s easy to understand.
  • Rates of return are often higher then bank interest rates.
  • Real estate liens notes are less volatile then the stock market.
  • Having your money secured by a real estate lien gives most people peace of mind.
  • Your money grows without tax consequence.

Important Things to know about Real Estate IRA Investing.

  • A self directed real estate IRA is its own financial and legal entity, it is separate from your personal finances.
  • As a separate legal entity, your IRA has its own name: I.E: Custodian company name, For the benefit of (client name’s) IRA
  • The IRA is the owner of the real estate lien investment, not the IRA holder. Therefore, purchasing and maintenance costs are paid by the IRA, and all income (e.g. interest & principal) goes back to the IRA.
  • All legal documents related to an IRA-owned asset must be in the name of the IRA, not your name.
  • For the paperwork associated with your IRA real estate acquisition to be complete and legal, the documents need to be signed by the IRA custodian (as the custodian for that account).

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The process is simple, once the paperwork is done and your account is set up. You move your IRA to the custodian, or roll over your 401K. You instruct the custodian what investment to fund. They send out the funds for the investment, with them doing the paperwork to protect your interest. Payments are paid to your IRA account.

Get Your Money Working For You

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