What Happens If I Decide To Invest

DSC_5212 bal done-v2-4xCongratulations on making a thoughtful and intelligent decision. We look forward to having a long and profitable investment relationship with You.
You can contact us by email, mail, phone, or by one of our forms.
First we will talk on the phone, then if you wish, meet at my office or a place of your choosing if you live in the San Antonio, Texas area. After you get all your questions and concerns addressed we can proceed.

There Are Several Programs.

Program 1:   Your investment (loans to us) will be on individual properties with you as lien holder. You would sign a letter of intent and only send funds when a particular property is identified. The amount of investment will typically be between $35,000 and $100,000; each deal will be different. Payments are interest only or principal and interest, the frequency of payments can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly your choice. Amortizations are typically twenty years, balloon notes are possible, early payoffs are possible. We can structure the loan terms to match your goals and comfort level.
Program 2: If you wish to proceeding with the accredited investor program. We will verify that you meet the investor qualifications as required by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Texas State Securities Board or your states requirements.
You can review the Investment Opportunity here.
1. A cover letter.
2. Court Street Partners LLC Business Plan.
3. Court Street Partners LLC Investment Summery
4. Court Street Partners LLC Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
5. Court Street Partners LLCs Subscription Agreement.
6. James E. Glasgow’s (Jim) Resume. (he is the primary Manager)
After reviewing the documents and you decide to invest, you would fill out the Subscription Agreement. And then you can send in your check. Your account will be set up in your name or the name you designate.
After that just sit back and cash your interest checks.
Program 3: If you want to buy a note and become the owner of the note to earn a higher rate of return.

Contact us and we will add your name to one of our list that matches you interest and you will know when we have a note for sale.

Other Programs:  See other programs and more details

You may also register on this site as a private lender.
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