Invest Your Savings In Real Estate

First Lien Real Estate Deeds Of Trust For Higher Returns than alternative secured investments.

Stacks of One Hundred Dollar Bills with Small House.

An Ideal Investment Alternative
That Just Makes Better……..Dollars and Sense!

The super rich don’t just settle for measly returns on the Money Market and Bank CD’s – Should You ?
If you have been looking for a secure, solid investment that provides good returns passively, then you just stumbled upon the most profitable investment opportunity of the year.
You must be seeking that “picture perfect” investment that

  • Is secure
  • Gives a solid return on investment passively
  • Has a low risk

What common investment choices do you have?
Most investment advisors recommend spreading your investment to maximize returns and lower any risks.
You can invest in stocks and mutual funds that offer a high return, but they have high risk.
You can try investments like bonds and CD’s which have lower returns but much lower risk. In today’s market, you could end up losing money by investing in CD’s after inflation!
Or you could play in the stock market – but you never know which direction the stock prices will be heading next.

But there is a better way to invest – Real Estate Secured Investment !

If you are looking for a hands-off investment, with rates of return higher than those normally found in fixed rate investments, and want less volatility than stock investments, our Private Lender Program is for you!
We offer several Interest rate programs secured by real estate, all of which have the higher return than many other fixed rate investments, and less risk than stocks. Being a private lender is an excellent way to further diversify your portfolio while increasing your overall return and further reduce risk.
You get your money back, plus an attractive interest rate.
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Secured loans are no longer just for banks. You can make the same low risk loan a bank makes!

That’s because when the bank invest in real estate, their investment is secure – they charge a healthy interest rate, with the house as collateral. If you don’t pay, they take the house!

Not a bad deal, but this gets better!

Like the banks, we do not invest on a piece of property unless there is a healthy chunk of equity in it. We rarely go beyond 70% of the value of the property to acquire it. You will get a better interest rate than the banks can charge, and a substantial collateral securing your loan.
Why doesn’t Wall Street talk about this opportunity?
Simple: They don’t get their commissions and fees from these types of investments – so they don’t want people to know they exist. They would rather draw your focus on investments that will make them money, not the ones that make YOU the most money.

How do we work?

In many cases, owners of distressed properties need to sell fast. For example, they may be going through foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, inherited property they cannot manage, and so on.
As a result, they may not be willing or able to hire a real estate agent to sell their house but need to dispose of the property quickly.

This is where our company Gem Rentals LLC comes in.

We offer a variety of solutions to these sellers which may include an all cash offer that allows us to fix up the property and sell it at a profit.
We hold the homes as rentals or sell the home and carry the note for the buyer.
You … a Private Lender-investor will then make us a loan for the money we put in the property so that we can do it again. The value of the property or the note we carried back from the buyer will be 30% or 40% more than the amount you loan us. That spread is where the safety is for you and the profit for us.

Why do we ask you to invest your money?

To be honest, we find more good real estate opportunities than even we can invest in.
That’s why we use a large network of individual investors (you), banks, and mortgage companies to participate along with us.The more investors we can attract, the more money we can all make!
Call Me at Jim Glasgow Sr. 210-413-7230
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