Why Invest in Palace Way Mobile Home Park

For the first time in more then 30 years you can invest in a Mobile Home Park development as a equity investor!

It has been over thirty years since a private development of a Mobile Home Park (MHP) was open to the public to make an equity investment as a passive investor.  Take advantage of the great returns this investment offers while it is still available.

Double You Investment in 5-7 Years!

Creating wealth: By developing a new mobile home park, filling it with long term renters who rent the space but own their own home, we create steady, dependable cash income. Because banks like to make loans on rental real estate with predictable cash flows, we can borrow 70%+ of the cash needed to develop the park. Because institutional investors such as insurance companies, REITS, and retirement systems. look for income properties they can acquire that produce predictable cash flows to meet their contractual obligations, we can sell the completed park at a multiple to the cost of development, thus creating wealth.
Great returns on your investment: The goal of this investment is to double the investors money in 5-7 years. Investors get a preferred rate of return plus up to 50% of the free cash flow. That will Produce returns of 12% to 16.9% a year (on average). Depending on the exit strategy, refinance and return investors cash but everyone retains their cash flow, or sell the MHP and cash out the total returns could achieve 25%-33% annualized.
Located in the fastest growing city in the US: San Antonio is the fastest growing city in the US. Growing as of 1018 at a rate of 66 people a day. You can take advantage of this trend by making an investment in the Palace Way Senior Life Style MHP. How many times have you read a headline or saw a news cast and wondered how you could take advantage of that news? Now you can! Opportunity, when it presents its-self, has to be seized…..seize the day. Today!

Socially correct: Doing good while making money is the in thing with a lot of investors. Here is your chance to hit a lot of positives buttons all in one place, Helping seniors, providing affordable housing, creating jobs, revitalizing an industry, and most important making great returns on your money doing it!

Helping with Affordable housing: All across this country there is a need for attainable housing. MHP’s offer affordable living in a first class community. People will be able to buy a new home, rent the lot for about 70% of what an equivalent size apartment cost.  And we do not need any tax payer subsidies. That’s your money doing good works.
Provide seniors a better living environment: Palace way MHP is being designed as a class “A” Five Star Park. Amenities will include, off street parking, underground utilities, club house, gym, pool, tennis courts, shuffle board court, basket ball court, horse shoe court, community garden, dog park, play ground, senior activities,  and more. Your investment helps make this happen.
Getting in on the ground floor: It’s not often that you get a chance to participate in the revitalization of an industry, MHP have been on the decline for a lot or reasons and now after 50 years, all of the real estate investing criteria have come together to make MHP investing great again. You are able to get in before everyone else discovers the opportunity. You always wanted to get in on the ground floor, now is your chance.  No procrastination allowed! We will be building 10-parks over the next 5-7 years, you as a inaugural investor, will get the chance to invest in each of them. When other are trying to get in, you will already have the lead.
An investment you can Show off and be proud of: This is one investment you will be able to drive through with pride. Show it off to all your friends, let everyone know you don’t talk about affordable housing, you take action to help. You can say that you helped provide a better standard of living at affordable prices for a lot of deserving seniors.
Learn the art of development of MHP: We have had a lot of interest from people wanting to learn how to develop a mobile home park. For those who are interested in park development, our investors will get a chance to come and learn what we do and how we do it. When we hold our 4-Day training boot camp investors in this MHP project  will get to come at no entry ticket charge. Saving you Thousands of dollars.

Limited time remaining for this project, time is limited, we are planning a early 2020 Ground breaking. It’s time…make that call get your questions answered and lets make some MONEY!

Jim 210-413-7230