Invest & Learn About MHP Development Too

Make a great investment and get an opportunity to  Learn how to develop a Mobile Home Park at the same time.

Some of our projects are opportunity fund qualified.

As I have traveled around the country talking to people about investing in my Mobile Home Park (MHP) development project(s). I have found there is a phenomenal amount of interest in Mobile Home Parks, and the development of new parks.  I have also seen a great deal of interest in people wanting to learn the how-too of MHP development.

There have been very few new parks built in the last 25 years, and that has created a shortage of people with MHP development experience and a amazing lack of park development information. Plus there is much a lot of mis-information about new park development. You can get the facts and build a bright future for yourself and you family.
Call and lets talk about our Early equity Investors Bonus Plan. Details.
With my 35 years of experience in real estate investing both residential and commercial real estate, my experience with mobile homes and mobile home parks, my development experience, and business ownership and management experience, my business partners development experience and I added a team of experts from civil engineering, property management, and architects and more to put together 5-star  MHP development Projects.

For a Limited Few….

If you want to learn the art of MHP development, and you make an investment in our current Senior Life Style MHP Project or one of our planned MHP projects (as an early investor), you as a VIP investor can follow along with us, visit our projects, come to future MHP development training events, we will teach you what to do, open our books, so you know all the cost involved, and show you what you need to do from start of project to break-even. WowFree training and a great return on your investment too! 
It is very rare that one gets the opportunity to be in-on a development project with a chance to learn everything from planning to lease-up. This training could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. There is nowhere else that you could get this hands-on know-how.
Because of the effort and time involved, I will limit the number of investors, people who who are serious about investing in our project and wanting to learning about MHP development.
Call me! We can talk about or current MHP project, our planned development projects, about development training, the investors 10% bonus program, about how you can participate, and answer all those lingering questions or plan a meeting here is San Antonio or with your group..

Investment required, security rules or partnership rules apply,
see details and disclosure documents. 

Limited Time Offer

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