Thinking of Buying, Selling Your Home

Save Money When Buying or Selling a Home.

  • We can help you save money when buying a Home.

  • We can help you save money when financing a home.

  • We can help you save money when buying a new Home from a builder.

  • We can help you get top dollar for your home and sell it faster.


Professional real estate services:

My name is James E. Glasgow (Jim) I am a licensed Realtor in Texas. I have more then three decades of real-estate experience. Experience with single family rentals, apartments, land, mini storage, office buildings, notes, real estate syndication and partnerships. In addition my team of real estate professionals, brokers, property managers, real estate attorneys, are available as needed.

  • We can help you save money when buying a Home:   On existing homes the rebate is 1/2%. On a $200,000 home that is $1,000 in cash to you. When you have a real estate agent on your side you get the professional assistance from getting pre-approved, and advice on all the issues and problems that pop up during the buying process. We advice on loans, lender rebates, inspections, repairs, negotiations, closing and so on. All designed to make the process as smooth as possible. We can show you how to save thousands when buying a home.
  • We can help you save money when financing a home: When you are planning to buy a home you need to get Pre-approved for a home loan. Where you get that approval can make a difference in what fees you pay. Some loan brokers offer Lender Rebates on the loans that can save you thousands of dollars. Money in your pocket,  as much as 4% of the loan amount. On a $200,000 house that could mean $8,000 to you. Some loan brokers do not charge for VA non allowable fees and that can save you money when using a VA Loan. It pays to compare mortgage loans and loan brokers lets talk how you might save thousands of dollars.
  • We can help you save money when buying a new Home from a builder: We offer 1% rebates when you buy a on new homes in a new home subdivision when I represent you as your buyers agent. We get paid by the home builder and rebate you in cash at or after closing. On a $200,000 home that is $2,000 in cash to you. You must tell the builders sales person that you are represented by a Realtor when you first go in. Builders have real estate sales commissions built into their pricing. They will not lower the price because you have representation nor will they raise the p[price. If you are not represented by a real estate agent they make a higher profit on the home. When you have a real estate agent on your side you get the professional assistance and extra set of eyes on the project.
  • We can help you get top dollar for your home and sell it faster: We help you set the correct price for your home. We advice you on what repairs to do and what not to do. We handle and pay for signs, listings, fliers, open houses, advertising, professional photography and a host of other things to get you house on the market with wide exposure to all 9,000 agents in our market place as well as the world wide web.All of the things we do for buyers helps you sell your home faster and at less cost to you. If we help buyers save money they are not asking you to pay for their closing cost. Getting your home ready for sale helps it sell faster with less delays once under contract. Selling you home faster can save you from making one more mortgage payment, or another months taxes.

We handle all of the required disclosures that are required under Texas law, (which are numerous), so that your sale does not come back later as a dispute. We deal with all the various people involved in a transaction as the issues come up and get resolved.

Real Estate Investing Made Easy

You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with real estate investing while minimizing the typical risks and hassles. Towards Wealth has developed a better way for you to maximize your cash flow through investing in income producing property.
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We Can Help You Buy Income Properties

When you sell a property, you interview brokers, pick one and give them an exclusive right to represent you in the sale of your property. Why should buying a property be any different?
Typically, buyers go from on-line ad, to another on-line ad calling different brokers about their listings. They tell each broker about their needs and expect that broker to call them first when he or she finds a suitable property.
Why not instead interview these brokers and then pick one to work with? Sign an exclusive Buyer-Broker agreement with that person and let them go to work for you. That agent will perform with the knowledge that you are working as a team and that when you buy he will get paid. It is worth his time to explore every possible lead in locating a building for you. We would like to be your broker.

What is a Buyer-Broker Agreement?

Almost always the Seller pays the real estate commission in a sale, typically one-half to the Listing agent and one-half to the Selling agent. With a Buyer-Broker agreement you agree to pay your agent his portion of the commission (usually 2.5%) on a transaction when there is no commission being paid by the seller or he is offering a reduced commission. You guarantee that your broker will be paid 2.5% (less whatever the seller pays). In most transactions, there is no additional cost to you.
With this agreement, your agent can go after properties that you would not normally hear about; unlisted properties or properties that do not have a commission built into the pricing. If you must pay the commission or a part of it, you will know this before you make your offer and you can adjust your offering price accordingly. The idea is you are looking at properties that you might not otherwise have known about.
Most importantly you have an agent who knows income property investing, an agent that is going beyond the norm to locate a income property for you because you have given him the written assurance that he will get paid if successful.  Call us, for help in find a profitable property for you

Give me a call we would like top represent you! James Glasgow 210-413-7230

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Looking to Sell Your Property

Sometimes I may represent both the seller and the buyer in a transactions, it is more typical that two agents will be involved in the sale (myself representing you the seller, and another agent representing the buyer).
We want to get your properties story out to all the real estate agents and potential buyers that might have an interest in your property and provide detailed information that will sell them on your property.
Networking – With over 30 years of experience and a reputation as an expert, other agents and investors regularly call me with their buyer’s needs. I will also contact other income agents and give them information about your property.
MLS & Internet – We put your properties information out on a wide array of sites. Your property will be presented on MLS in a manner to attract agents and their clients.
Property Brochure – We produce a detailed color brochure that provides information with your property’s description, location, financial (current and projected), comparable sales, photo tour and parcel, street and satellite maps as needed. This brochure will be made available to every buyer or agent inquiring about the property. It will also be available on a our websites as well as.
Advertising – Your property will be promoted regularly until sold, including on site signs, open houses, brochures, event announcements,  web sites, office meeting announcements and more.
Showings –  Potential buyers are pre-qualified for a mortgage before being escorted through your property. a record is kept of all showings, by date, time, agent, etc. With the exception of open houses and then we hand record the potential buyers.
These exposure techniques usually result in a sale, the highest price is obtained by the coordination of all the efforts timed to the property’s introduction to the market. Three things effect the timeliness of a sale, properly pricing the home, the property condition, and exposure in the market place to qualified buyers.

Please contact us for a listing appointment to sell your property. 210-413-7230

46636151What A REALTOR Can Do For You! 

Home values are high, what a wonderful time to be trading up, trading down or just making a change. Interest rates are low, credit requirements have eased, and inventory is short, thus home values are up, making it a great time to sell. All the elements that make for a great time to sell have lined up, so, If you are contemplating a change consider taking advantage of this great market while you have the odds in your favor.
What A REALTOR®? can do for you: Realtors know the market and can help you position
your home to take advantage of the current market to get a great price. They have lots of experience with real estate contracts and can negotiate aggressively on your behalf. REALTOR® pre-qualify
potential buyers so only folks who can buy your home view it. We can use electronic lock boxes to keep your home more secure, track all potential buyers viewing your property as well as get their
agents feedback. We stand in-between the buyer and the seller so that personalities don’t enter in.
Most buyers use a REALTOR®, this increases the number of buyers who will see your home. We get the word out to over 9,000 San Antonio agents and to every real estate web site nationwide.
89% of all homes are sold by real estate agents according to a recent NAR survey. And the most important reason to use a REALTOR® is, the additional exposure through MLS, plus the buyers other agents are working with gets you a higher price according to a NAR survey of sold homes.
Your REALTOR® orchestrates the showings, and then the contract and the closing process, including the inspections, buyer loan process, survey, title, appraisal, pest control, and other
paperwork, relieving you of this burden. Th e end result is assurance you are compliant with all laws relating to the sale.
As Dave Ramsey says “A REALTOR® makes you money not cost you money.” He recommends on his radio show that when selling a home hire a good real estate agent.

If your property is already listed please disregard this solisataion. 

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