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  • Audio Training Course - Marketing & Advertising For Real Estate Investors

    You Get the Towards Wealth Advertising & Marketing audio training course that focuses on locating motivated sellers, plus related PDF down loads.

Advertising & Marketing Course Content

    • Driving for dollars
    • Classifieds and where to run them
    • Direct Mail 
    • Business cards 
    • Fliers and where to use them
    • Door Hangers
    • Car Signs
    • Bandit Signs 
    • Site Signs 
    • Speech making
    • Bird dogs
    • Networking 
    • Branding
    • Web Sites 
    • Social Media
    • Elevator speech 

PDF forms Advertising & Marketing And Converting Leads Into Deals

    • Cash Buyer Mail Out Letter PDF
    • Classified Ads Samples PDF
    • Email Offer to Purchase Example PDF
    • Finding Motivated Sellers MKT’ing List PDF
    • Home Buyers Call in Info Form PDF
    • I buy Houses MKT’ing Example PDF
    • I Buy Houses Post it Note Example PDF
    • Mail Out Letter Sample 2 PDF
    • Mail Out Letter Sample 3 PDF
    • Mail Out Letter Sample PDF
    • Marketing Weekly Plan Form PDF
    • Sellers in Coming Call Questions Form PDF
    • Voice Mail Scripts Buying PDF
    • We Buy Houses Classified Display Ad PDF
    • Motivated Seller Interview Script PDF
    • 6 Questions to Ask When The Seller Calls In From Your Marketing Efforts PDF
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This course is part of the Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Course Series. 

Advertising for Motivated Sellers Is at the heart of your real estate investing business.  We have combined this course with our Converting the Leads into Deals because they go hand in hand. You need to make the phone ring and then know what to do when it does.   

Most beginning real estate investors never get past this part of their real estate education and thus never become wealthy. In order to make money on houses you have to find motivated sellers. The good news is we have made all the mistakes and all you need do is copy the best practices that this course reveals to you. Then it is a matter of consistency and persistence.

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  • Audio Course - Converting Leads into Deals

    You get the Towards Wealth Audio course on converting leads into deals. When the phone rings you have to know what to do next and that is what this course is about.

Converting Leads Into Deals

    • In the beginning……Its scary
    • You paid money for marketing …be ready
    • Question Script for when the phone Rings
    • The Rest of The Questions
    • Appointment Script
    • Other Questions to get a deal
    • The House is paid for now what?
    • The seller needs to sell and owes a balance now what?
    • Go Prepared to Close
    • Follow up and why that is important
    • Unless they sign the sales contract, you can’t make and money

About Your Instructor
James. E. Glasgow

  • 32 Years as a Real Estate Investor
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made real estate millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Author of Real Estate & business books 
  • Realtor state of Texas  Lic.#644440
  • Active Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate mentor and teacher.
  • Radio show host
  • Public Speaker 


James E. Glasgow

Advertising and Marketing plus Converting Leads Into Deals

Complete with actual examples of marketing materials being used by successful real estate investors Immediate Down Loads.