This course is part of the Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Course Series. 

The cheap house BViz

  • Audio Training Course - The Cheap House Business

    This course on buying Cheap Houses shows you how to find them, what to offer, how to sell them, gives you examples and suggestions on how to make money in the cheap house investing business. We will give you a down load of a power point presentation that will help you get a better idea of how this investment strategy works. You also get the pretty House business course. A great Strategy that you need to be aware of so that when you run across a situation that fits this strategy that you know what to do. These are wonderful for accumulating retirement properties.

Buying Cheap Houses

  • Buy cheap houses
  • Do very little to them
  • Sell them and carry the note
  • Collect the payments
  • Sell the note
  • Repeat....Get rich
  •  Actual sales analysis PDF down loads on 2 deals 


James E. Glasgow

About Your Instructor
James. E. Glasgow

  • 32 Years as a real estate Investor
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Real Estate book Author
  • Realtor state of Texas
  • Active real estate Investor / Teacher.


This Real Estate Investing course (The Cheap House Business) is about acquiring low cost properties, pre-habbing them and then reselling them to owner occupants as handyman specials.  We have combined this course with our The Pretty House Business Course because the added investing strategies gives you more options to acquire property.  

Buying low priced properties and selling them without having to fix them up has many advantage to you as an investor.  Not the least of which is making as much on a low-cost property as a more expensive home that you must remodel before you can re-sell it.

This appeals to investors with little cash to work with or with investors and buyers that for one reason or another do not wish to use traditional financing sources.

The real estate investing strategy is so powerful and profitable that some investors don’t do anything else. There are millions of houses that need repair and waiting for you to find them, you help the owners by buying the property they no longer want. There are millions of buyers looking for affordable housing that are more than willing to do the repairs. You can get rich with this investment strategy.

Pretty Houses Business-page-001

  • Audio Course - Buying Pretty Houses

    You get our Buying Pretty Houses audio course that covers methods of acquiring properties with no interest seller financing to acquire houses for your retirement income.

Buying Pretty Houses - A  Great Retirement Plan

  • Buy Pretty houses with Seller Financing, no loan applications.
  • Pay little to no interest on the loans
  • learn the type of seller who will sell this way.
  • Do very little to the houses and rent them to pay the note.
  • Learn what houses to use this strategy on.
  • Pay off the houses in 8 years or so.
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The Cheap House Business. & The Pretty House Real Estate Investing Courses, Both for One Low Price