The first 200 questions

Here are the first 200 questions Jim answered At Jim’s Real Estate Investors Training seminar.

  1. How do I get started?
  2. How do I make a million dollars as a real estate investor?
  3. Can I buy houses with no money down?
  4. Where do I get the money to be a real estate investor?
  5. Can I rent houses and not own them?
  6. How do I find private money?
  7. How do land Trust work to my benefit?
  8. How do I finance my deals?
  9. How do I finance my buyers?
  10. How do I get hard money loans?
  11. How do I estimate repairs?
  12. How do I find motivated sellers?
  13. How do I outsource incoming seller calls?
  14. How do I find profitable real estate deals?
  15. Do you provide phone scripts?
  16. How do I wholesale?
  17. How do I build a buyers list?
  18. What is the best way to sell a house?
  19. How do I save on real estate sales cost?
  20. What is buying sub-too?
  21. What is Pre-habbing?
  22. What is the math formula for renting houses?
  23. What is the math formula for wholesaling?
  24. What is the math formula for mobile home investing?
  25. What is the math formula for flipping?
  26. What is the math formula for seller financing?
  27. What is the math formula for rent to own?
  28. What is the best mail out marketing letter?
  29. What is the best way to drive for dollars?
  30. What are the low-cost marketing techniques?
  31. What are the best how-to marketing web sites?
  32. What are the best wholesale assignment form?
  33. How do I buy subject to the existing financing?
  34. How do buying and selling with options work?
  35. How do I do property value and sells analysis?
  36. Where do I get an independent contractor form?
  37. How do I use contractor lien releases?
  38. What paper work do I need to hire a contractor?
  39. What insurance should I carry on flips?
  40. How do I pay contractors to avoid problems?
  41. When and how do I use a power of atty?
  42. What contract addendum’s are required at sale and purchase?
  43. What selling and buying  disclosures do I need to use?
  44. When do I use a letter of intent when buying a property?
  45. What closing cost can I expect buying and selling?
  46. What is a seller’s disclosure?
  47. What is an assumption agreement?
  48. How does crowd funding work?
  49. How do I get comps?
  50. how does the amount of ARV tell me what to do with a particular property?
  51. How do I get automatic MLS searches?
  52. What is the best direct mail campaign?
  53. When do I use loan brokers?
  54. What about loan servicing, who, what, where, when?
  55. What is Dodd Frank Regulations?
  56. Where do I find land trust information?
  57. Where do I find mobile home lenders?
  58. How do I get rental rates foe comparison?
  59. How do I use notice to vacate and notice to quit, & when?
  60. How do I get seller financing when I am buying?
  61. How do I do zero down deals?
  62. Which house do I buy for rental houses?
  63. What % should taxes and insurance be of the rent received? why?
  64. What is ARV?
  65. What is PITI?
  66. How do I price my property from rental rates up?
  67. When is lead paint an issue?
  68. What do I need to provide to a rental property for security?
  69. What are the best rental contract clauses to help avoid problems?
  70. What are the best making money with mobile home ideas?
  71. What is the best way to skirt a mobile home?
  72. What questions do I ask a motivated seller when they call in?
  73. What is a FSBO script?
  74. How do I write a business plan for my real estate investing adventure?
  75. How can I run my business with the least paperwork?
  76. What is an elevator speech?
  77. When and how do I get testimonials?
  78. How does self-directed IRA borrowing work?
  79. Can I get and where do I get the forms I need?
  80. What happens at closing?
  81. What is a 1031 exchange?
  82. Who pays what at closing, buyer, Seller?
  83. How do I prepare fliers for attracting lenders and for sales?
  84. What is the best advertising techniques to sell a house fast?
  85. How do I get 10% to 20% over market price when selling?
  86. How do I set my sales and rental prices?
  87. Where do I get sample deeds of trust, and notes?
  88. Where do the notes recorded and who gets what copies?
  89. What are the advantages of seller financing to a buyer?
  90. How do I get 10% to 14% or more interest from buyers?
  91. What are the advantages of seller financing for sellers?
  92. Can I get a loan without filling out an application?
  93. Can I get a no doc loan?
  94. How do I use options to buy property?
  95. How do I do and or assigns contract and comply with  TREC?
  96. How do I get the most for seller financed notes when I sell one?
  97. How do I create notes and thus create equity for me?
  98. How do I become a millionaire in 5 years?
  99. What information do I need when buying a house?
  100. What goes to the title company when buying
  101. What goes to the title company when Selling?
  102. What amount should I pay for a 10 day option on a contract.
  103. What amount should I charge for my wholesale assignment fees?
  104. What types of real estate investing are there?
  105. Can I or should I buy apartments?
  106. How do cap rates work and why?
  107. What is the cap rate math formula?
  108. What is cash on cash returns? and the math?
  109. How do I do low-cost real estate investing?
  110. How do I do no-cost real estate investing?
  111. How do I get started with private lenders?
  112. Can I start investing with no money?
  113. How does partnering work?
  114. How do I structure a partnering deal?
  115. How does real estate syndication work?
  116. What is buy and hold, landlord math?
  117. How do I write a landlord business plan?
  118. How do I get rich as a landlord?
  119. How does real estate make me money?
  120. How do I structure a syndication deal to make me money?
  121. How can I make more money on a deal then you would think possible?
  122. What is the best way to find investing money?
  123. What paperwork do I need to finance a buyer?
  124. What is a RLMLO
  125. How can I finance a buyer when I don’t have any money?
  126. How do I make money in the cheap house business?
  127. What is the pretty house business?
  128. Why are $30K rent houses not profitable?
  129. Will people sell me a house and fiancé me with no interest?
  130. How do I convert leads to deals?
  131. How do I avoid contractor issues?
  132. When do I need an attorney?
  133. How do I do probate deals?
  134. What about foreclosing on a buyer and how?
  135. What do i do when the house I bought is occupied?
  136. Real estate auctions, when and how?
  137. Where do I get mail out list at no cost?
  138. How do I work with real estate agents?
  139. How much should I pay real estate agents?
  140. Should I get my real estate lic.?
  141. Disadvantage’s to having a lic?
  142. How do I evaluate a property I am considering buying?
  143. How much should a property manager charge?
  144. What should the property manager do?
  145. What type of LLC should I use?
  146. What is the best state to set up an LLC in?
  147. Can I advertise when raising money and other SEC rules?
  148. When do I need builders risk insurance?
  149. What about do on sale clauses?
  150. Should I use a loan broker and when?
  151. How much do hard money lenders charge?
  152. How do I structure a private loan deal?
  153. How do I structure a partnership on a flip deal?
  154. How do I do creative financing?
  155. How do I stop from over analyzing everything?
  156. How much does house leveling cost?
  157. What makes commercial real estate different from single family?
  158. What about Air-bnb and other short term rentals?
  159. Should I buy a duplex or 4-plex? why?
  160. When should I form my LLC?
  161. When do I order insurance?
  162. What about IRS record keeping?
  163. How do I get the money to buy rentals?
  164. How do I structure a loans to my advantage?
  165. What are the different types of loans available?
  166. What inspections are need when buying?
  167. What does a home inspector do?
  168. When should I pay for a home warranty?
  169. What if I do not know how to estimate repairs?
  170. When do I need title insurance?
  171. When do I need a survey?
  172. How do I handle option periods when buying and selling?
  173. When do I need to get an appraisal?
  174. What about flood zones?
  175. When do I need to use escrows?
  176. Where is the lowest cost loan servicing?
  177. Who should pay for loan servicing fees?
  178. Do I need title insurance
  179. what about lenders title insurance
  180. How do I do a title search? what should it cost me?
  181. what is a pre-foreclosure report?
  182. What should I know about condos?
  183. When should I pay points?
  184. What about buying and selling mobile homes on land?
  185. What about buying and selling mobile homes not on land?
  186. What is my offer to purchase?
  187. How do I make/structure multiple offers to purchase?
  188. What does the closing agent do?
  189. How do perorations work?
  190. How do I evict someone?
  191. How do I clear a title of heirs?
  192. What is the TSAFE act?
  193. What repairs pay dividends to do?
  194. What repairs shouldn’t be done?
  195. What should I expect about the unexpected?
  196. Where do I put the wow factor when flipping a house?
  197. What is pre-habing?
  198. How do I run checks, on tenants? Buyers? Neighborhoods? Etc.?
  199. How much should I charge for, application fess & deposits?
  200. How long do I keep records?
  201. What is the difference between capital gains verses regular income?
  202. What about depreciation schedules?
  203. How can I use rentals for increasing my retirement?
  204. How do I retire early?
  205. How can I avoid IRS capital gains taxes on a property forever.
  206. What if I pay too much for a property?
  207. When is it OK if I pay over retail for a house?
  208. How do you use OPM?
  209. How do you sell a house that needs work that is not completed?
  210. Do I need to fix the house to sell it?
  211. Can I double my money on a purchase?
  212. How do I make 30% plus cash on cash returns as a landlord?
  213. How do I lend my money on real estate?
  214. How can I make 20% annual returns on my IRA money?
  215. How do I protect my assets?
  216. How do I vet someone I am considering lending money to?
  217. How do limited partnerships work?
  218. Do I need a web site?
  219. How do I pay myself when I buy a house?
  220. How do I lower my IRS tax bill?
  221. Can I write everything off?
  222. What is the easiest way to keep track of expenses?
  223. Why should I not spend money until I make some?
  224. Why is this seminar so inexpensive?
  225. Why should I invest in real estate training and/or mentoring?