Finding $ to Invest


  • Finding The Money To Invest In Real Estate Audio Training Course

    Real Estate Investing takes money, finding that money is an on going, never ending search. Learn the ways and sources that today’s successful investors use to acquire the money to buy houses, flip houses, and buy and hold rent houses. ......Some investors own 50, 75, 100, even 300 houses. It takes money... just not necessarily your money

Covered In Finding The Money To Invest Course:

  • Your Assets.
  • IRA's, 401K’s.
  • Relatives & Friends.
  • Equity you have in another deal.
  • B to R lenders
  • On Line lender Sites.
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Seller Financing
  • Bank Loans.
  • Syndication
  • Crowd funding
  • Partnering with other investors.
  • Private lenders.

Included PDF Downloads for these courses are:

  • Promissory note copies
  • Instruction to title on note preparation
  • White paper on how a self directed IRA works
  • Example of a Lending opportunity flier
  • Sample letter to a potential investor / lender
  • Crowd funding source list
  • Example of  a private lender presentation
  • Private money marketing hints
  • Example of a cover letter to a potential lender.
  • Elevator speech example for attracting private lenders
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This course is part of the Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Course Series. 

The key to real estate investing is finding the money to do deals. This course is designed to help you with this important task.

Presented by James E Glasgow Sr. Author of “How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too!”

We have combined this course with Finding Private Money as these two courses are most often ordered together.

Rasing priavte money

  • Finding Private Money Lenders Audio Training Course

    Attracting Priavte Money... Grow your business by attracting Private Lenders. Never be at the mercy of banks again, maintain flexibility by controlling the terms. Open up your possibilities with Private lender loans.

Private Money Course Content

  • Finding Private Money
  • Why Private Money
  • The Conversation
  • Building Credibility
  • Your Opportunity Presentation.
  • Putting It Together
  • Two Types Of Investors
  • Lender Benefits
  • Working With Lenders
  • Always Looking For Money

learn about private lenders:

  • Who are the private lenders?
  • How do you find them?
  • Your elevator speech?
  • Creating credibility
  • Your credibility Pkg.
  • Opportunity Fliers
  • Your Resume
  • Forms, samples
  • Presentation
  • Types of private lenders
  • IRA money
  • Interest rates
  • Structuring the deal

Question: Can I get a copy of a power point presentation for attracting private money?

Answer: Yes, there is a sample power point presentation for you to use when speaking to one or more people to try and attract privet lenders. Keep in mind that you will have to modify the presentation to suite your needs and your company information. 



 About Your Instructor

James. E. Glasgow

  • 32 Years as a Real Estate Investor
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made real estate millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Author of Real Estate & business books 
  • Realtor state of Texas  Lic.#644440
  • Active Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate mentor and teacher.
  • Radio show host
  • Public Speaker 
Attracting Private Lenders and Finding The Money To Invest Courses