Owner Finance your buyer

  • Owner Financing, A Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plan

    Some 50% to 60% of the people cannot buy a house because of institutionalized loan requirements. Some 50% of the houses do not qualify for mortgages because of condition. Solve these two problems and you can get rich. That is what this course is all about. When you sell a property, financing makes a difference in how much you get for the house, and who can buy it, as well as how much work you will need to do to attract a buyer. Learn how to be the bank, what requirements you need to meet, how it is done. How can financing the buyer let you make Huge profits on smaller deals? Pay capital gains tax rate on your profits. Learn how to do this with OPM. Learn how to not have to fix the houses. And so much more!

Covered In The Owner Financing Course:

    • The business overview
    • Advantages of O. F.
    • The basics of funding your new business.
    • Types of houses to buy.
    • Finding houses to buy.
    • How much to pay for the house.
    • Pre-habing the house.
    • Setting the sales price.
    • Advertising the house.
    • Making a profit on the deal.
    • Buyer pays for.
    • Buying paperwork.
    • To title when you are buying.
    • Selling paperwork.
    • To title when you are selling.
    • From buyer when you are selling.
    • Wraparound loans.
    • Dodd Frank.
    • Loan servicing.
    • Borrowing from investors.
    • SEC Reg. D 506C
    • Private Lenders.
    • Finding investors.
    • Finding the houses to buy.

Included PDF Downloads for these courses are:

  • Selling Property Paper-work instructions
  • Instruction to title on note preparation
  • White paper on Seller financing
  • Notice of existing lien
  • Getting the most from your seller finance notes
  • Balloon Mortgage Note
  • Mortgage Chart 30 Yrs.
  • Owner Finance analysis form.
  • Owner Finance Deed and Note Instructions
  • Seller Finance Talk Handout
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This course is part of the Towards Wealth Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Training Course Series. 

Financing your buyers when you sell a house can make you more money on a deal then most people believe is possible. This million dollar business plan strategy is so powerful it can be all you will want to do, it can be part of your exit strategy for your rent houses, it can get you out of a deal gone south, it can give you that flexibility when you need it most. Implementing this strategy can make you a lot of money.

Presented by James E Glasgow Sr. Author of “How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too!”

We have combined this course with Dodd Frank Regulations that effect seller financing, as these two courses are most often ordered together.

The other course most people order with this one is Attracting private money.

Dodd Frank Regulations-page-001

  • Dood-Frank Regulations

    Complying with the Dodd-Frank Rules when financing your home buyers.

Dodd Frank

    • Dodd-Frank overview

    • Truth in lending (TILA)
    • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
    • Secure and Safe Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE)
    • The Texas T-Safe Act.
    • Administered by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    • Buyers ability to pay
    • Loans not allowed or severely restricted
    • Ability to repay Small creditor standards
    • Maximum loan points
    • Balloon Notes?
    • Balloon note alternative
    • Small creditor category of QMs
    • Even if a loan is not a qualified mortgage, it can still be an appropriate loan.
    • Other Requirements

Stacks of One Hundred Dollar Bills with Small House.
Just 3  to 6  deals a year can make you wealthy

Turn low cost fixer-uppers into big Bucks $

One of our students listened to  my lectures on owner financing. He went out and made $80,000 on just 2 deals with this one investing strategy. On properties he found on the MLS.  


About Your Instructor
James. E. Glasgow

  • 32 Years as a Real Estate Investor
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Self-made real estate millionaire
  • Owned and operated several businesses.
  • Author of Real Estate & business books 
  • Realtor state of Texas  Lic.#644440
  • Active Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate mentor and teacher.
  • Radio show host
  • Public Speaker 
Owner Finance Million Dollar Business Plan & Dodd Frank