Be A Private Lender

Invest Your Cash In Real Estate Trust Deeds or Syndications For Huge Returns

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That Just Makes Better……..Dollars and Sense!

If you have been looking for a secured, solid investment that provides good returns, then you just stumbled upon the most profitable investment opportunity of the year. Earn more on your hard won savings as a Private Lender.
You can use alternative investments and make money just like a bank does, safely and securely. You can invest savings and IRA money for higher returns than banks are paying with no stock market volatility.
Our Private Lender rate programs paying from 7% to 8% (some partnerships programs offer higher potential returns ).
We have different types of Private Lender/Investor investments.

  1. Trust deed loans on single properties in a 1st lien position (8% Returns).
    .  Anyone can be a private lender even within your IRA accounts.
    . 70/30 loan to value with the held lien in your name.
    . This is the same type of loan a bank would make.
  2. Direct Partnerships (non-accredited investors allowed, 5-20% Returns) As a member-managed LLC this type of partnership is not considered a security and is thus an exempt transaction.
  3. Real Estate Syndications: Regulation 506C Offerings These are equity investments in multifamily and commercial real estate syndicates of income producing properties. See disclaimer.
  4. We have 1st lien real estate notes that you can purchase. Anyone can purchase a note even within your IRA accounts. These are not considered securities.

It is our hope that the Information provided on the pages linked on the left will help you determine if this investment is right for you and your family.
We offer expert help with your real estate investing needs.
I would be pleased to answer your questions. Please fill out one of our contact forms and we will get back to you in  a timely manner.
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