Better Returns Investing in Mobile Home Parks!

Would earning 12% to 20% work for You? ….Double you money in 5-7 years!

I am excited about Mobile Home Park (MHP) Investing. This is an opportunity that has come full circle after 25 years of being out of favor with investors. Because there has been so few new Mobile Home Parks developed in the US since 1993. There is shortage of available rental spaces and a huge opportunity to make great returns on your money!
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Developing Mobile Home Parks Creates Wealth.

Let me explain? The number of Mobile Home Parks (MHP) have been declining all across the country, the cost of a traditional home has been increasing, making home ownership expensive in many markets.. Higher property tax bills and increasing homeowner’s insurance rates have made mortgage payments to high for many buyers, even with the current low interest rates. Rising home construction and development cost have made new home prices go over $200,000 in most markets, all of which is pushing the monthly cost of home ownership to new highs, making millions of people into life-long renters. All of this creates a demand for affordable alternative housing. By filling that need we create wealth.

Video of a 5-Star mobile Home Park Here

Many older Americans are looking for a lower cost, easier to care for alternative to the big houses they have owned and raised their family in. For many of these folks downsizing to an apartment is not their idea of an alternative to the type of home they have been accustomed to. A Mobile home becomes a viable alternative.
In addition, Manufactured housing as a product has greatly improved in the past 30 years. When you have rising demand, limited supply, and the situation where alternatives cost more, you have Opportunity in Spades. If you are a Real Estate Investor all of this is Super Exciting! Mobile Home Parks as an investment make sense. 
Creating Wealth: By developing a MHP, filling it with long term renters who rent the space but own their own home, we create steady, dependable cash income. Because banks like to make loans on rental real estate with predictable cash flows, we can borrow up to 70% of the cash needed to develop a MHP. Because a MHP when full produce a predictable cash flow, institutional investors (such as insurance companies, REITS’, retirement systems, etc.) look for income producing rental properties to meet their contractual obligations. We can sell the completed MHP at a multiple to the cost of development, thus creating wealth.
Video: See a video of what makes a 5 Star Mobile Home Park.

A little about me

My name is James E. Glasgow, I have been a real estate investor for more than 35 years. I have invested in commercial real estate, real estate development, raw land investing, single family homes. I have created real estate notes, invested in mobile homes, office buildings, apartments and more. I am a licensed real estate agent in Texas. I have run businesses for decades, including my own for over 28 years. I am an author  of real estate books and a public speaker. I have seen the real estate market’s ups and downs, and invested through the market changes for almost 4-decades, I have invested my own money in multiple types of real estate deals and I teach others how to invest. All that makes me some what of an expert with hands on experience.

I See a Wonderful Opportunity

The prevailing opinion in the Mobile Home world is that you do not develop parks. That has been the prevailing notion for decades now. Ten years ago, I would have agreed, even 5 years ago. But O’ how things have changed. Here is why!

  • All the nicer, larger MHP are full and have waiting list. Occupancies rates are running at 96% and better.
  • The cost to rent a Mobile Home space is up, making new park development profitable again.
  • Demand for Mobile Homes spaces to rent is high and growing.
  • Demand from Seniors, looking for a Senior Living Life-Style Mobile Home Park is way up.
  • Demand for an affordable alternative to renting an apartment is increasing.
  • The quality of Mobile Homes has greatly improved over the past 30 years.
  • Mobile Home manufacturers are cooperating with Park owners to stimulate sales of their product.
  • Traditional new home construction and development cost has made monthly housing a stretch for many families.
  • When a down turn in the economy occurs, the business of Mobile Homes, improves.
  • Mobile Homes are affordable housing.
  • Cost to run a MHP is less than the cost to run an equivalent apartment building, giving  MHP’s a higher return on the investment.
  • The cost to develop a MHP with a given amount of rent is less then the cost to develop an equivalent amount of rent with an apartment building.
  • Money is available to finance the construction of MHP’s, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae both have loan guarantee programs.
  • Chattel loans for the home buyers are readily available making it easier to fill the MHP.
  • The turn over rate is five-times better (lower) in a land lease MHP community then the turn over rate of apartment dwellers.

Today the numbers work.

I have invested in a lot of real estate over the years and every now and again the real estate forces
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converge  to create a super good investment opportunity. In the 1980’s and 1990’s that was mini storage, in the 2000’s that was apartments. Yes! they are still good investments but the big wins have subsided as everyone jumps in those markets.

We need you! Keep reading!

Why Start in the San Antonio, Texas metro area with A Senior Living Park?

The Mobile Home Parks in the San Antonio metropolitan area are full. Vacancy rates are running at historic lows, with the better parks having waiting list. San Antonio is attracting seniors because it is a military town with a low cost of living and a stable economy. Thousands of military retirees move here. The area of San Antonio and New Braunfels has a lot of senior activities and attractions such as, golf courses, multiple colleges, 4-military bases, many city sponsored activities, walking paths, hospitals and a medical center, plus a whole host of tourist activities.
Area Growth Rate: From July 2010 to July 2016, the population of seniors aged 65 to 69 in Bexar county grew by 42%, almost 24,000 people. Residents aged 70 to 74 increased by 32% or 13,000 more people (source; Express News 6-22-2017). The state of Texas had similar numbers. All this adds up to high demand for affordable living for seniors, as well as for middle class families. With a  growing demand and a limited supply, a situation that will not change any time soon, we have an opportunity to fill that demand.

City 2010 Census Growth Rate
San Antonio 1,327,538 12.43%
New Braunfels 57,729 28.11%
Schertz 3,1797 24.08%
Selma 5,539 82.13%

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Senior living MHP’s have the lowest residence turnover, provide the highest monthly rental rates, are the easiest parks to manage and senior living parks bring the highest price on resale.

Profit, Profit, Profit.

I’m seeing an opportunity to make huge returns, double digit plus. An opportunity to double or more our equity investment in five years. This is a huge opportunity with demand for a lot of Mobile Home parks. This is an opportunity you can participate in.
I plan to build 10 or more mobile home parks in Texas in the next 5 to 7 years. I can see us building multiple Mobile Home parks over the next ten years creating class A Mobile Home communities that will provide affordable alternatives to the high cost of housing. While giving our equity investors a great rate of return on their savings. I am very confident of the soundness of the opportunity. The numbers work.

Calling all interested parties…. You can participate… I hope I have peaked your interest.

I am looking for equity investors. If you are an accredited investor looking for a great investment, let’s talk. Are you in the mobile home industry and want to invest in parks? Are you an investment advisor looking for a place for your clients to make better returns? Are you the manager of a fund, trust, insurance company or other financial entity looking for higher returns? Are you a landowner that has the perfect property and want to partner on a project? If you have something to bring to the table let’s talk.

Senior Living Mobile Home Park Investment Opportunity

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James E. Glasgow