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The Towards Wealth
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3-Days filled with all of  the best Real Estate Investing strategies, money making investing information, the insider’s secrets, and investors know-how needed so you  can get wealthy as a real estate investor. If you are serious about getting wealthy this is the place to be!…..Our training covers all of the important Real Estate investing information, how to find the money, how to get loans, where the deals are and so much, what is needed to be successful.  We teach you what works. What has worked in the past and is still working today.

We believe this seminar is the most complete seminar for real estate investors anywhere in Texas and maybe the entire country. Student after student has told us that this seminar taught them more than any other training they attened, including those who spend ten of thousands of dollars on training and mentoring.

Here Is A list of The First 200 Questions Jim Answers at The Seminar!

Our past students repeat the seminar free so that you can interact with other real estate investors at the Seminar. Once you become a student you will be able to repeat the seminar for free.

Next Seminar Spring 2019

3-Action Packed Days with Jim Glasgow Personally at the Podium,

Plus 5-Guests Speakers.

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Get Pre-Approved for a hard money loan at the Event!

Making our seminar the best real estate investors training available in Texas or anywhere….. even better! 

Are you new to real estate  Investing?  Read why this seminar is for  Beginning Investors and for Seasoned Investors Too!

We cover what the successful, long term real estate investors are doing today, it’s what we do every day. We show you how to make a living and get rich too!  All of this taught by people who actually do real estate investing, successful people…. Real Estate Investors. All at an affordable cost to you.

Seminar Location:  2019
 To be announced


3 – Million Dollar Business Plans that can make you rich, make you a living and let you retire early. Any one of these plans could make you rich…allow you to retire young…allow you to quit your job…or just improve your retirement income.
Plan 1:  Make money now, Flipping and Wholesaling to make a living now and to make money to fund your other long term real estate investing strategies. We will discuss how to do this and where to get the money Too.
Plan 2:  Get rich slowly, Buy N’ Hold, being a Land Lord. A Million Dollar Business Plan that will make you rich in 5 to 10 years. The time and money you invest now will pay you year after year. We will show you how to do this. Plus where the lenders are that lend to Landlords.
Plan 3:  Prepare to be amazed! Become the bank, learn about seller financing. A Million Dollar Business Plan that will make you money monthly, and Make you rich Too! Make more money then you thought possible on each deal. So lucrative that it seems impossible.
Plan 4:  Putting it all together… and you will make yourself rich… These three business plans and the training on how to do them alone are worth more than the cost of the 3-Day Seminar…

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But Wait…there’s more.


  • Plus: Making Money with Mobile Homes…And Raising Private Money sold by Themselves each course is valued at $495.00
  • Plus:  The Cheap House business and The Pretty House business, each of these courses is worth  $100
  • Plus:  When you order your ticket(s) you get access to the Student Section of our Web Site, with down load privileges to the PDF versions of our popular Real Estate Investors Play Book.
Presented by Jim E. Glasgow has 32 years Real Estate investing experience as well as 28 years as owner operator of his own businesses. His Real Estate experience includes residential, commercial, owner finance, remodeling, construction and business management. He has made over $3,300,000 as a part time real estate investor and has been a full time real estate investor and instructor for the past five years.
He is the Author of the book “How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too” as well as other real estate related books. Mr. Glasgow is an in demand speaker on real estate investing topics as well as an instructor.
Put his vast experience in real estate investing to work for you. Learn all the technique and strategies that Jim used to get rich and still uses everyday to make himself even richer investing in real estate. You can use these same techniques to get rich too!
One of the goals is to change the way you think about getting rich, and encourage you to get richer. All the reasons why you can’t buy real estate that keep popping into your head are just road blocks for you to overcome. We hope to provide you with the information, and encouragement to overcome these roadblocks and change your thinking. Changing your thinking is the first step in changing the economic reality in which you live.

3 Information Packed Days …Plus Bonuses…

Bonus One:

How I made millions 3DJim’s book How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too! A signed copy for all paid attendees of the seminar. A $30 Value

Bonus Two:

2 correctedPlus Real Estate Syndication. Rising money with limited partnerships, (a bonus E-book) and a discussion of other regulated methods of raising money. A $100 value.


Super Special Package Deal pricing. This is the last time we will make this special low pricing available for our San Antonio Seminar!

You Get Jim’s Popular All-Inclusive 3-Day Seminar with His 21- C-D Audio Course & The Investors Play-Book Included. Regularly $2,885 

Special Package Pricing!… all inclusive for just $995

Spring 2019

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Only 30 tickers will be sold at this low price and 5 are gone already…..the CD’s & Play Book will be mailed to you right away, start your studies now.

IMG_59579:00 AM until 5:30 PM each day

1 1/2 hour lunch break.

Coffee, Water and Pastries served daily.

10 min Breaks every hour to hour and a half.

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When you order Jim Glasgow’s Million Dollar Real Estate Investor Business Plan Seminar and Training Course on Audio  C-D’s, You can attend one of the training seminars FREE. You will be out working on getting rich in no time. We cover Real Estate investing strategies, from finding the money and getting started, to getting rich, with tips from the pros’, and other real estate investing ideas, ideas accumulated from 30 plus years of real estate investing. Plus we have you get the Real Estate Investors Play Book all the investing forms, scripts, agreements and much more in PDF format and in a ring binder full of the materials that you will need.  A complete real estate training course, all at a price that won’t break your budget!

The Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Business Plan.

Really Two (2) Million Dollar Real Estate Investing Business Plans and a Make Money now plan. A million dollar Landlord business plan, A million dollar Seller Finance (you as banker) business plan. And a make money now plan, flipping houses and wholesaling houses. These three plans can change your life, help you make yourself rich.
Any one of the multiple Real Estate investing strategies that you will learn about could make you rich. Join a few of these strategies together and you will be able to get richer, faster. We don’t teach you just one method, but rather multiple ways for you to make money no matter what the seller’s property’s situation is. We want you to be able to take advantage of all the real estate deals that come from your marketing, to take advantage of more opportunities as they come up. Making money in real estate investing is a matter of knowing what to do, and when to do it.

The nice thing about Real Estate investing is that you can make yourself Wealthy!

Real Estate investing is local, your street, your city, all the barriers to getting rich are lower and much more controllable with real estate investing. Because you, your training, your desire and your willingness to work towards being rich are all that you need. All of the reasons you can think of that stop you from getting rich, we will help you dispel throughout our training course. If you will bring your desire, and your steadfast determination to become rich, that willingness to never give up, a willingness to invest your money, and time in you, and your success, then our training will help get you there.

This Seminar Is A Complete Real Estate Investing Course!

A course that covers all of the most profitable and successful real estate investing techniques. We cover all of the real estate investing strategies, marketing for motivated sellers, financing, investing with little to no money, using OPM, land lording, wholesaling, flipping, and many more topics all with you making money in mind.

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What Our Students Are Saying!

I came to learn more about real estate investing then what I was taught in real estate licensing school. I learned about flipping houses, wholesaling, assumptions, raising private money and so much more then I can list. Excellent Seminar!….Joe

My husband and I were interested in other ways to make money in real estate and to learn new techniques. It was a great Seminar we learned a lot….Linda

Came to learn other techniques and what is being used now…I enjoyed the class and the one on one….Javier

Wanted to learn tips in real estate investing, how to avoid pitfalls, and networking…. Great Job….Marla

CadillacJim’s course is by far the best program for the price, offered by anyone in the San Antonio area. You get a binder, CD’s, a 3 day seminar and ongoing meetings every 2 weeks. Patrick


I wanted to learn about real estate investing….A great seminar for new folks to get the knowledge that would take years to get from going to meet ups, and REIA meetings, here its all in one place. I thought it was very good….Terry

I came to learn to invest and grow my money….I now have a head full of new ideas….Raymond

I Wanted to Jump start my real estate investing business and learn new strategies…Great Seminar ….

Alicia montoya testimonialThe educational materials for the MILLION DOLLAR WEALTH SYSTEM IS OUTSTANDING! I can’t say enough about the wealth of information I have received by taking this weekend training.  If you are looking for information on “HOW TO BEGIN IN REAL ESTATE INVESTING” or “IF YOU A SEASONED INVESTOR”.   The Million Dollar Business Plan System will teach you multiple strategies and give you the tools to structure ANY deal. I have been to MANY investor real estate training workshops and this workshop by far has been my BEST investment in both time and money.   The education that you will received from Mr. Jim Glasgow is Excellent! He is a no nonsense seasoned Real Estate Investor who is willing to share his knowledge and experiences with his students. If you are serious about becoming a successful Real Estate Investor.  I would NOT hesitate to take his training workshop.  I am so grateful to Jim and Lisa for taking the time to share their Real Estate Strategies and experiences.  Million Dollar Real Estate Investors Biz Plan Wealth Student ~Alicia

TerriIt was almost too much information for just three days…. I have the CD course and play book so I am good to go….Teri



    “The Towards Wealth “Real Estate Investment Strategies” Seminar and its materials are the bible of Real Estate Investment. And Jim is the Moses who will set on the path to success! Whether you’re a beginner, novice or a pro everyone can learn from him.

Register Today….If you are serious about changing your life….about making the amount of money you deserve….It’s time to invest in you….Sign up today!

More of What Our Students Are Saying

I purchased my first seller financed rent house and I am making $243 a month clear cash flow……..Lisa

I made $30,000 on one house that I owner financed for the buyer and the house only sold for $59,000…….Mike

chris vela picI attended Mr. Glasgow’s Million Dollar Investor Training Seminar in August 2016 and received a tremendous amount of useful information for the amount paid, thus the seminar was a great value. The presentation was concise, yet plentiful. People were accessible and continue to be available for questions. I would recommend attending for anyone, of any experience, from beginner to seasoned investor. Chris

I made $3,200 on my first wholesale deal……Tony

One Idea made me $12,000 thank you Jim for all the help…….Garcia

I made $10,000 on my first deal………Matt

I made $44,500 on my first manufactured home deal and I will have all the cash I invested back in 19 months, it’s all profit after that……Richard.

I did a 10 unit deal where the profit will be $35,000 to 45,000 a year depending on occupancy. The seller financed the deal with $30,000 down …… George

My partners and I purchased a mobile home park, we expect to make $500,000+ when we sell in 5 years…..Rich

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